Minutes 9th May 2017




Present: Cllrs R Edwards (Chairman), R Sankey, H Jones, J Mitchell,
R. Bennett, N Lloyd, Ward Cllr R Phillips
In Attendance: Parish Clerk Rachael Jones and 3 local residents

1. Election of Chairperson
Cllr Edwards was nominated by Cllr Sankey, seconded by Cllr Bennett.
Cllr Edwards accepted the role and it was unanimously agreed.

2. Election Of Vice Chairman
Cllr Bennett was nominated by Cllr Edwards, seconded by Cllr Sankey.
Cllr Bennett accepted the role and it was unanimously agreed.

3. Apologies of absence
Cllr N Davies

4 Declaration of interest
None declared

5. Approval Of Minutes from the meeting held on Tuesday 14th March 2017
The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman

6 Public Session
6.1 Ward Cllr Phillips report had been presented at the Annual Parish Meeting and
was noted.
6.2 Receive reports from Parish Councillors
There were no reports
6.3 Receive views of local residents
A discussion took place regarding planning applications 162518 and 162824
at Balance Farm, Titley. Both applications have been referred to appeal by the
Agent and any comments to be made by 31st May 2017.
It was agreed the Chairman would prepare a response from the Parish Council.

7. Planning Matters
The following planning matters were discussed and noted:
• 160581 – Land at Balance Farm, Titley – proposed site for the erection of five 4
bedroom dwellings – Approved
• 162518 – Agricultural Workers Dwelling at Balance Farm, Titley – to remove
agricultural occupancy condition on the historic permission for an agricultural
workers dwelling at Balance Farm, Titley, originally granted in 1995 (95/0238/0)
Appeal – This application has been taken to an Appeal Hearing
162824 – Land at Balance Farm, Titley – site for proposed erection of 5
dwellings – Refused -This application has been taken To Appeal By Agent
• The Chairman informed the Councillors, that due to the refusal by the Planning
Committee of planning applications 162518 and 162824, the Agent had referred
both applications to Appeal.
• 164090 – Knill Court, Knill, Presteigne – roof extension onto existing first floor terrace – no objections – Approved
• 170105 – Cider House Barn – Land forming part of Manor Farm, Stansbatch – repair of agricultural building – Approved
• 170171 – Land at Old School Titley – division into three duplex units – one extension – no objection
• 170967 – The Bank, Stansbatch – proposed oak framed garden room and removal of existing porch and chimney. Proposed porch and two dormer windows – Valid – No objection
• 171257 – Church Cottage, Titley – Proposed demolition of various extensions and replacement by new extensions including the addition of weatherboard cladding and dormer windows on the rear elevation – Valid – No Objection
• 171475 – Nash Cottage, Nash, Presteigne – proposed first floor en-suite extension – Valid
7.2 Update on Neighbourhood Plan –
i) Update
• Two drop in sessions for the NDP have been organised :
• Saturday 13th May 10am till 1pm at Staunton On Arrow Village Hall and
• Saturday 20th May 2.30pm till 5pm at Titley Village Hall.
• Publicity flyers for the above drop in sessions have been distributed around the Parishes.
• Feedback from the drop in sessions will be collated and a summary sent to the Consultant, David Nicholson to draft a questionnaire.
• A grant for £3,000 has been approved for the NDP.
ii) Approval Of Notes Taken At Steering Group Meetings
Notes taken at the Steering Group meetings on 11th April and 27th April 2017
were noted and approved.

8. Finance
To receive Clerks report and approve finances (ex VAT)
Clerks Financial statement
The Clerk informed the Councillors that the balance of the current account as at 30/4/17 – £11,292. The bank statements for March and April were signed by Cllr R Edwards
The clerk circulated an expenditure and budget sheet, which was approved.

The following payments (ex VAT) were AGREED and income Noted
• Clerks salary as agreed by the Council (Mar/Apr) chq no: 100885
• PAYE – £47.20 – paid under Clerk’s delegated powers chq no: 100883 dated 20/4/17
• P G Watts (Lengthsman) T16:12– March 2017 – £344.00 paid under Clerk’s delegated powers chq no: 100844 dated 20/4/2017
• PG Watts (Lengthsman) T17:01 – April 2017- £376 – chq no: 100886
• Came and Company Insurance Renewal For Parish Council (agreement expires 31/5/19) – £288.46 – chq no: 100887
• G J Evans & Co – Internal Audit and Payroll for year to 5/4/17 – £150 –
chq no 100888
• Note Income Received From Herefordshire Council – period 1 precept 2017/18 – £3,750.00
• Discussion – Internet banking
Due to the closure of HSBC Bank in Kington, a discussion took place regarding internet banking.
Clerk to contact HALC for their advice and put on agenda for next Parish Council meeting

9. Lengthsman
9.1 Matters Arising From The Lengthsman Report
The Lengthsman reports for March and April were discussed and noted.
Clerk to send copy of April report to Lara Edwards, Locality Steward.
9.2 Signing Of Contract For Lengthsman Scheme 2017/18
The Contract between Herefordshire Council and The Parish Council for the
Lengthsman Scheme 2017/18 was signed by the Chairman and Clerk.
9.3 Drive Around The Parish With Peter Watts (Lengthsman) And Lara Edwards
(Locality Steward)
The Clerk informed the Councillors, that a drive around Titley Parish has been
arranged for Monday 5th June 2017. It was agreed that Cllr J Mitchell would also
attend, together with the lengthsman and Locality Steward.

10. Highways
10.1 Pothole Reports
A discussion regarding potholes within the Parish took place. All potholes must be
reported to Herefordshire Council through ‘ Report It ’ on their website.

11. Parish Reports Or Issues
11.1 BT Pay Phones Consultation
The Clerk informed the Councillors, that she had received an email from Christine
Platt, BT, stating that BT had consulted with Herefordshire Council in 2015 regarding
the removal of the kiosk at Staunton On Arrow
11.2 Defibrillator – Update
The Clerk informed the Councillors, that the defibrillator cabinet had been delivered
and would be installed at Titley Village Hall.
11.3 Kington Library Consultation
A public meeting is being held to discuss the future of Kington Library, at the Old
Police Station, Kington on Wednesday 10th May at 7pm.
Cllr Davies to update Councillors at next Parish Council Meeting.
11.4 Closure Of Sixth Form at Lady Hawkins School, Kington
The Councillors were informed, that the Governors have chosen to close the Sixth
Form at Lady Hawkins School in July 2018. A letter from the Parish Council had
been sent to some Governors, inviting them to the Parish Council AGM to discuss
the closure, but they did not respond.
It was agreed, that the Chairman would write to the Regional Commissioner for the
West Midlands, stating that the Parish Council was disappointed that they had not
been notified of the consultation, regarding the future of its Sixth Form provision
11.5 Pembridge Primary School- ‘School Governors Wanted’
Pembridge Primary School had sent an email to the Clerk, stating that they were
looking for School Governors. The Clerk had posted the notice on the Parish
Notice Boards and the website. The Councillors agreed to make enquiries within
the Parish and discuss at the next Parish Council Meeting.
11.6 A discussion took place regarding starting the Parish AGM and Parish Council
AGM meeting earlier in 2018. It was agreed to discuss it later in the year.

12. Correspondence
The correspondence from the information sheet was noted.

13. Date And Place Of Next Meeting
The next Parish Council meeting to take place on Tuesday 4th July 2017 at Staunton On
Arrow Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Meeting closed 9.45 pm
SIGNED (Chairman) …………………………… DATE ……………