Minutes 8th September 2015

Minutes – Tuesday 8th September 2015 in Titley Village Hall

Present: Cllrs R Edwards (Chairman), R Sankey, N Lloyd, N. Davies

In Attendance: 1 member of the public, Jeremey Mitchell and Parish Clerk Rachael Jones

1. Apologies of absence
Ward Councillor R Phillips, Cllrs R Bennett, H Jones

2. Declaration of interest
None declared

3. Approval Of Minutes from the meeting held on 12th May 2015
The minutes were approved and signed.

4. Public Session

4.1 Ward Councillor R Phillips gave his apologies and his September written update was circulated to the Councillors.
4.2 Local Residents
Speeding Concerns Through Stansbatch
A local resident from Stansbatch explained to the Councillors the concerns of the villagers, in respect of the speed traffic travelled along this narrow road and would like slow signs on the east and west approaches to Stansbatch, to try to slow the vehicles down. The residents have had a site meeting with Ward Councillor Phillips and Councillor Richard Edwards and exchanged emails with Edward Tonks from Balfour Beatty. Balfour Beatty emailed a quote for £800.67 for installation of road signs and road markings. The Parish Council agreed to support the need for slow signs through Stansbatch, but funding must be looked into.
The Clerk will write to Mr Tonks (Balfour Beatty), informing that the Parish Councillors support the slow and road narrowing signs through Stansbatch, but request that the sign on the east side be moved more eastwards, to warn drivers when approving the brow of the hill. The Clerk to also ask if anything would happen without any funding from the Parish Council.

5. Planning Matters

  • P151328/F – Folly Farm, Nash Presteigne, Powys,
    Proposed restoration of fire damaged house to provide accommodation for an
    essential rural worker – awaiting determination
  • Noted that P151799/FH – The Glatt, Green Lane, Titley – proposed garden room – Approved.
  • Noted that P151803/F – Highland, Stansbatch – proposed change of use of small parcel of land from agricultural to domestic – Approved
  • P152032/FH – Highlands Barn, Stansbatch – proposed erection of 2 bay garage with loft accommodation and log store – Resolved – the Parish Council had no objection to the garage, but suggested that there be a condition for the loft accommodation to the office only and not residential.
  • P152194 – Highland, Stansbatch – proposed erection of a greenhouse – Resolved – no objections
  • 152192 – The Butts, Horseway Head, Staunton On Arrow – proposed erection of 3 loosebox stables with hay store with tack room. Change of use of field to equestrian – Resolved – The Parish Council made a statement that it is not out of keep with surroundings there are equine or agricultural connections near. The only concern is previous owner managed land as wetland and wild flower meadow and suggested Conservation Officer looked at the application.
  • 152468 – Land at Balance Farm, Eywood Lane, Titley – proposed site for erection of five 4 bedroom dwellings. – it was agreed that an extra meeting would be arranged for Tuesday 15th September 2015 to discuss this planning application. The Clerk to put up a Notice on the notice boards in Titley and the Chairman to write and invite the applicant and her agent to the meeting.

5.1 Neighbourhood Plan For Titley & District Group Parish Council
It was AGREED to wait for the Core Strategy to be released before undertaking a plan

6. Finance – The following payments were AGREED:

  • Staunton On Arrow Village Hall – hire for Parish Council meeting £12.00
  • Donation for Pembridge School trail – It was agreed not to donate at present.
  • Parish Council Precept 2016/17 – it was agreed to make a decision at the next meeting.
  • Herefordshire Council Budget consultation – it was agreed that the Chairman Councillor Edwards would write to Herefordshire Council to say that the Parish Council was against the selling of the Council farm holdings and also to support the use of the lengthsman in Parishes.

7. Lengthsman

7.1 Lengthsman’s invoice – the following invoices were AGREED

  • July invoice £376.00
  • August invoice £368.00

7.2 It was Agreed that the Lengthsman could be paid monthly and a cheque could be signed outside the meetings.
7.3 First quarter invoice to Balfour Beatty For Lengthsman
The Clerk informed the Councillors that a form had been sent to Balfour Beatty to reclaim the first quarter for £1,112 and it would be paid by next Tuesday (15th September)
7.4 Outstanding highways work not covered by Lengthsman –

  • Parts of Green Lane have been resurfaced but there is a drainage issue on part of the road. The landowner has been informed. If it has not been resolved by the next meeting, the Parish Council will contact Balfour Beatty.
  • The road through Knill has been resurfaced
  • A large amount of soil has been removed from a ditch near to Milton Crossroads and consequently blocked a drain which could lead to the road flooding during heavy rain. This will be brought up at a meeting with the Balfour Beatty locality steward on Friday morning.
  • Balfour Beatty sent out a booklet informing Parish Councils that ditches could be the responsibility of the landowner and not the Council, which could lead to problems with blocked ditches.

8. Highways

8.1 Purchase of mobile tripod for the SID – Councillor Edwards will look into the cost
of a mobile tripod for the SID, which would mean that it could be used around the Parish.
8.2 SID feedback – no negative feedback. Some residents had reported that
vehicles had slowed down while the SID was positioned near to Mowley Lane.

9. Parish Reports And Issues

9.1 Titley Lay by – planting of spring bulbs – It was agreed that spring bulbs could be planted in the lay by. Clerk to write to inform local resident of agreement to plant bulbs.
9.2 Community Governance Review Proposal 2016/17 – In part of the review it was proposed to review the size of the Parishes and the possibility to amalgamate wards. The Chairman, Councillor Edwards will respond stating that we are against amalgamation of wards/parishes, as we have very different concerns and issues to neighbouring towns and villages. The Parish Council will protest against any attempt to amalgamate Parishes.

10. Correspondence
The correspondence from the information sheet was noted.

10.1 Councillor Davies reported she had been contacted by Balfour Beatty regarding issues with public footpaths and electric fences. Councillor Davies reported that the issues have been resolved.
10.2 Unauthorised caravans sited on land at Titley pool, Eywood Estate – A local resident sent an email to Ward Councillor Phillips updating him and the Parish Council on the above issue, which was reported at the last Parish Council meeting on 7th July. It was noted in the email that one caravan had been removed and only one left on the site, along with wooden pallets, carpets hanging in trees, seats and associated paraphernalia. It was also noted by the local residents that both caravans should be removed by the first week in October in accordance with the Enforcement Notice issued.

11. Date and place of next meeting – Tuesday 3rd November 2015 at 7.30pm at Staunton On Arrow Village Hall.

12. To be noted: It was agreed to sign a cheque outside a meeting for PAYE purposes if required.

Meeting Closed at 9.30pm