Minutes 7th July 2015

Minutes – Tuesday 7th July 2015 in Staunton On Arrow Village Hall

Present: Cllrs R Edwards (Chairman), R Bennett, R Sankey, H Jones, N. Davies and Ward Councillor R Phillips

In Attendance: 3 members of the public and Parish Clerk Rachael Jones

1. Apologies of absence
Cllr N Lloyd

2. Code Of Conduct
It was Agreed Unanimously to adopt the revised Code of Conduct.

3. Declaration of interest
None declared.

4. Public Session

4.1 Ward Councillor Report – Cllr Phillips updated:
• Local Authority recorded an-underspend of £600k for 2014/15. A tight control of budgets contributed to this
• During 2014/15 some of the projects undertaken included a new primary school in Leominster, investment on the Rotherwas Business Park, road improvements.
• Laura Edwards the Balfour Beatty Locality Steward is off sick with a broken collar bone, consequently many highway issues are not being progressed very quickly. The temporary contact is Linzey.
• Verge cutting was not started early enough, making the roads more dangerous.
• Council will only pay free school transport to a child’s nearest school, not necessarily catchment school. This will start from September, but will only apply to new school children.
• Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy should be released this month.
4.2 Local Residents
Mr Adrian Hodgson informed the Councillors of his planning application (P151803/F) at the Highlands, Stansbatch, to change the use of a small parcel of land from agricultural to domestic. This is the first phase of his plans. Mr Hodgson will be seeking permission to build a large garage to house his collection of old vehicles.
Cllr Edwards to arrange to visit the site.

Mr & Mrs Edwards who live at The Green, near Titley Pool explained to the Councillors that there is a parcel of land adjoining their property on two sides and is owned by a gentleman who lives at Kingswood, Kington. In October last year he allowed some friends to park and live in some caravans on the land near Titley Pool with no planning permission. This created problems and Herefordshire Council’s Enforcement Officer has been involved, but there is still one caravan which remains on the parcel of land. It should be removed in the next 3 months. Mr & Mrs Edwards have met with Bill Wiggin and informed him of the situation. Mr & Mrs Edwards will keep the Parish Councillors informed of the situation.

5. Approval Of Minutes from the meeting held on 12th May 2015
The minutes were approved and signed.

6. Planning Matters

• P151328/F – Folly Farm, Nash, Presteigne. LD8 2LE
Proposed restoration of fire damaged house to provide accommodation for an essential rural worker at their place of work.
Comment: no objections, but not sure about the accommodation for an essential rural worker.
• 151799 – The Glatt, Green Lane, Titley, Kington, HR5 3RW
Proposed garden room.
Comment: Cllrs Sankey & Lloyd to visit and liaise with neighbours.
• 151803 – Highland, Stansbatch, Leominster, Herefordshire. HR6 9LL
Proposed change of use of small parcel of land from agricultural to domestic. To be included within curtilage and used ancillary to main house.
Comment: Cllr Edwards will arrange to visit site.
6.4 Neighbourhood Plan For Titley & District Group Parish Council
It was AGREED to wait for the Core Strategy to be released in September before undertaking a plan.

7. Finance – The following payments were AGREED:

• HALC invoice for subscription £334.22
• Came & Company for Parish Council Insurance £278.95 (already paid)
• Donation for Pembridge School Trail – will be discussed at next meeting.
• Clerks attendance at 3 training sessions – AGREED

8. Lengthsman

8.1 Lengthsman’s invoice – the following invoices were AGREED
• May invoice £376.00
• June invoice £368.00
8.2 First quarter invoice to Balfour Beatty For Lengthsman
Clerk to claim back.
8.3 Lengthsman’s – The chairman notified the Cllrs that the Contract had been signed and witnessed by the Clerk.
8.4 Outstanding highways work not covered by the Lengthsman
Clerk to email Linzy at Balfour Beatty about ‘further action required’ on Lengthsman invoice.
The following are outstanding works not covered by the Lengthsman raised by Cllrs:
• A gauge has been taken out of the roadside verge near Milton Crossroads. Balfour Beatty to be notified.
• B4352 – a request from Cllr Davies for Balfour Beatty to inspect the condition of the road.
• Noke Crossroads – visibility very poor due to hedge being planted along wooden rails. C/Cllr Phillips to request local authority to remove obstruction to improve visibility.
8.5 Progress of SID for Titley – SID has been in Pembridge but due to be positioned
in Titley for July. Roger Sankey to speak to Mark Jones.
• 40mph limit – Titley – Titley is approximately 31 out of 91 on list for speed limit reduction. Time schedule approximately 2 years time if nothing changes.

9. Correspondence from the Information Sheet
The correspondence from the Information sheet was noted with the following

Village Halls

• Titley Village Hall – Cllr Sankey presented a letter from the Village Hall Committee requesting a letter from the Parish Council stating their support for the Village Hall and the high amount of use it has for lots of various functions.
The letter is required to assist Titley Village Hall Committee to apply for various grants for help in the building of the extension. It was AGREED that the Chairman Cllr Edwards would write the letter of support. .
• A letter was written to the HSBC Bank and signed by 3 signatories from the Parish Council, to change the address for all correspondence to the new Clerks.
• Forge Lane going to Forge Cottage – A parishioner who uses the lane for horse riding questioned why the surface had been taken off, leaving a surface of sharp stones. Cllr Sankey to visit parishioner.

10. Date and place of next meeting – Tuesday 1st September 2015 at 7.45pm at Titley Village Hall

Meeting Closed at 10 pm