Minutes 5th July 2016

Minutes –Tuesday 5th July 2016 at Staunton On Arrow Village Hall

Present: Cllrs R Edwards (Chairman), N Davies, R Sankey, J Mitchell,
C Janson,
In Attendance: Parish Clerk Rachael Jones

1. Apologies of absence
Cllr H Jones, R Bennett, N Lloyd

2. Declaration of interest
None declared

3. Approval Of Minutes from the meeting held on Tuesday 10th May 2016
The minutes were approved and signed.

4. Public Session

4.1 Ward Cllr Phillips sent his apologies via an email, which was read out. The following points were noted :

  • Flash flooding in Titley by the War Memorial, when a significant amount of soil came down school lane. Ward Cllr Phillips has arranged a meeting on Thursday 7th July at 2pm with Lara Edwards, Locality Steward for Balfour Beatty and local residents. Cllrs Mitchell and Sankey will also attend.
  • Knill to Nash main road is down for some resurfacing
  • Planning application – Balance Barns – pushed for conditioning the planning application for TRO for 30mph speed limit but failed. Applicant not willing and highway officers not supportive. Taken up with Director.
  • Staunton Court Bio-digester – a number of complaints have been received about this plant. Put on Agenda for next Parish Council meeting

4.2 Receive reports from Parish Councillors
Cllr Janson had queried why the footpath opposite Burcher House was closed.
Cllr Janson to investigate.
4.3 Receive views of local residents
There were no members of the public present

5. Planning Matters

5.1 The following planning matters were discussed and noted:

  • 160581 – Land at Balance Farm, Titley – proposed site for the erection of 5 no
    4 bedroom dwellings – Valid
  • 160985 – Old Priory, Titley, Kington – conversion of the 1st floor of the attached barn to a bedroom and en-suite – Approved
  • 160986 – Old Priory, Titley, Kington – Listed Building consent (re: 160985 above) – Approved
  • 161719 – Burcher House, Titley, Kington – proposed single storey extension –
    No objection

5.2 Neighbourhood Plan For Titley & District Group Parish Council
The application to designate a Neighbourhood Area has been submitted to Herefordshire Council. The Clerk had received an email confirming that the consultation commenced on 15 June and will finish on 13 July 2016. An email will be sent to the Clerk from the Herefordshire Council Neighbourhood Planning Team after the 13 July 2016, confirming either approval or refusal of the area, based on any comments received during the consultation period.
The Clerk had received a letter from Data Orchard, a company who specialise in supporting Neighbourhood Development Plan Groups.
It was agreed to wait until the end of the consultation period before making any decisions.

6. Finance

6.1 Clerks Financial Statement
The Clerk informed the Councillors that the bank statement for June had not
been received todate.
The balance of the current account as at 31/5/16 – £10,826.78
The Clerk passed around an expenditure and budget sheet to the Councillors which was approved.
6.2 The following payments (excluding VAT) were AGREED and income NOTED:

  • Clerks salary as agreed by the Parish Council – salary paid for May and June chq no: 100853
  • To note: not on Agenda but payment made to HMRC ( April 2016 – June 2016) – £49.40 Cheque no: 100854 – paid under Clerk’s delegated powers
  • G J Evans & Co – £150 – chq no: 100885
  • Cllr R Edwards – purchase of laptop/case and office 2016 for Titley & District Group Parish Council – £514.72 – chq no: 100856
  • HALC – Training – £36.00 – cheque no: 100857
  • P G Watts (lengthsman) T16:03 – £400 – cheque no: 100858
  • To note: 123 Connect – £112.80 – cheque no: 100852 – paid under Clerk’s delegated powers
  • To note: P G Watts (lengthsman) May T16:02 – £524 – cheque no: 100850 – paid under Clerk’s delegated powers
  • To note: Reclaim of lengthsman costs – 1st quarter (Apr – Jun 2016) £1,356 received
  • To note: The Clerk to contact HSBC Bank, to request if an additional signatory could be added to the Titley & District Group Parish Bank Account.

6.3 Titley Village Hall

  • Titley & District Group Parish Council had a meeting with Mr J Sankey, Mr D Allford and Mrs C Edwards from the Village Hall Committee on Tuesday 28th June 2016, regarding the Parish Council claiming the VAT back for the Village Hall Committee,for the extension which is due to be built to Titley Village Hall. Mr D Jones, an accountant had not been able to attend the meeting to give his advice. A request was made for him to contact Cllr R Edwards to discuss in more detail. Todate he has not been in contact. Therefore no progress has been made on the decision.
    Waiting for a meeting/discussion with Mr D Jones, Accountant before any decision.
  • Titley Village Hall have been awarded a grant from Tarmac towards the extension, but they are required to get a third party to pay 10%, which amounts to £1,100.53. They asked Titley & District Group Parish Council to be the third party. Titley Village Hall Committee would reimburse the Parish Council £1,100.53.
    It was agreed Cllr R Edwards to contact Mr Dave Tristram, Herefordshire Council to discuss if the proposal is legitimate. If legitimate Chairman/Clerk to fill out form and send third party payment of £1,100.53 to Tarmac.
  • To note for minutes: the letter from Tarmac was dated 5th May 2016, the content of the letter stated that Titley & District Group Parish Council would be the third party. Note: Titley & District Parish Council were only made aware at the meeting on 28th June 2016, of the third party proposal.

7. Lengthsman

7.1 Matters Arising From The Lengthsman Report
All further action required by Herefordshire Council on the lengthsman report
sheets, had been forwarded to Herefordshire Council.
7.2 Supply Of PROW materials to Parishes
The Clerk had received an email from Balfour Beatty, stating that due to
a recent announcement, parishes will be required to pay for materials and
countryside furniture (styles and gates etc) to be used in PROW projects.
It was agreed for the Clerk to contact Ward Cllr Phillips asking him when the
announcement was made and why was it made in the middle of the year, when
the Parish Council had not budgeted for it.
Clerk to email Ward Cllr Phillips, attaching a copy of the email from Balfour

8 Highways

8.1 Titley War Memorial – Drainage Issues
Recent thunderstorms had caused significant soil to be washed down School
Lane, Titley.
Ward Cllr Phillips has arranged a meeting with Lara Edwards, Locality
Steward and local residents on Thursday 7th July 2016 at 2pm.
Cllrs Mitchell and Sankey to attend.

9. Parish Reports and Issues

9.1 Titley & District Group Parish Website – titleygroup-pc.gov.uk
The Clerk informed the Councillors the website was up and running, but requires
photographs and information on each parish. The Councillors were asked to
bring photographs and information to the next meeting. A selection would then
be made.
9.2 Unauthorised caravan sited at land near Titley Pool, Eywood (update)
The Clerk had contacted the Enforcement Officer several times.
Todate no reply has been received.
9.3 Anonymous Correspondence
The Chairman had received an email from a parishioner from Horseway Head,
which he read out. The parishioner had received an anonymous note which had
been left on their doorstep. The anonymous note was concerning a ‘leave’
campaign poster and asking the parishioner not to inflict the parish with their
thinking on political of any other matters.
It had been reported to the police and crime numbers given.
Cllr Edwards to discuss with Cllr Bennett and give an update at the next meeting.
9.4 Bridleway – Weobley Ash to Broadfield Cottage, Stansbatch
Cllr Davies confirmed that an additional straining post was required.
Cllr Davies will contact Lara Edwards, Locality Steward.
9.5 Defibrillator
The Clerk had received an email from Mr D Allford, concerning a defibrillator,
which could be placed at Titley Village Hall. The email was originally from The
British Heart Foundation regarding part funding of a defibrillator, with a
contribution of £400. Titley & District Parish Council were asked to fill in the
application form and apply. The Clerk had originally received an email in
January 2016 and had forwarded it to the Village Hall Committee.
Cllr Sankey to enquire at the Village Hall Committee meeting on Wednesday 6th
July, if the original email which had been forwarded to the Village Hall Committee
in January 2016, had been acted on, if not Clerk to fill out application form.

10. Correspondence

10.1 The correspondence from the information sheet was noted.

11. Date and place of next meeting – Tuesday 6th September 2016 at 7.45pm at Titley
Village Hall.