Minutes 4th July 2017



Present: Cllrs R Edwards (Chairman), N Davies, C Janson, J Mitchell

In Attendance: Parish Clerk Rachael Jones and 3 local residents

1. Apologies Of Absence
Cllr N Lloyd, Ward Cllr Phillips

2 Declaration Of Interest
None declared

3. Approval Of Minutes From The Meeting Held On 9th May & 13th May 2017
The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman

4 Public Session
4.1 Ward Cllr Phillips sent an apology, which was read out with the following points noted:
• The highways for consideration for next years resurfacing programme to be sent to Lara Edwards, Locality Steward by September.
• Tenders for the Council small holdings sale to be submitted by 5th July 2017
• The planning officer has made a site visit to Balance Farm, regarding the appeals for both planning applications.
Ward Cllr Phillips monthly report, which had been circulated was discussed.
4.2 Receive Reports From Parish Councillors
There were none
4.3 Receive Views From Local Residents
3 representatives from St Peters, Staunton On Arrow PCC, informed the meeting that
the Church requires a new roof, as the existing roof is 150 years old and needs
replacing. An architect inspected the Church roof and estimated the cost to be in
the region of £150,000. An application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant, must be submitted by 14th August 2017, but to apply for this grant, they must demonstrate that it is required by the local community and supports Heritage projects. The PCC are looking for ideas from the local community ie tourism, walks, historical events, concerts etc.
It was agreed the Parish Council would write a letter of support for the new roof.
Letter to be emailed to : sue.burleigh@btinternet.com

5. Planning Matters
The following planning matters were discussed and noted:
160581 – Land at Balance Farm, Titley – proposed site for the erection of five 4
bedroom dwellings – Approved
162518 – Agricultural Workers Dwelling at Balance Farm, Titley – to remove
agricultural occupancy condition on the historic permission for an agricultural
workers dwelling at Balance Farm, Titley, originally granted in 1995 (95/0238/0)
Appeal – This application has been taken to an Appeal Hearing
162824 – Land at Balance Farm, Titley – site for proposed erection of 5
dwellings – Refused -This application has been taken To Appeal By Agent
• The Chairman informed the Councillors, that due to the refusal by the Planning
Committee of planning applications 162518 and 162824, the Agent had referred
both applications to Appeal.
170967 – The Bank, Stansbatch – proposed oak framed garden room and removal of existing porch and chimney. Proposed porch and two dormer windows – Approved
171257 – Church Cottage, Titley – Proposed demolition of various extensions and replacement by new extensions including the addition of weatherboard cladding and dormer windows on the rear elevation – Approved
171475 – Nash Cottage, Nash, Presteigne – proposed first floor en-suite extension – Valid
171598 – Barns At Mill Green Farm, Stansbatch – Prior approval for proposed change of use of barns into dwelling house and garage – This application has been withdrawn
5.2 Update on Neighbourhood Plan
i) Update – The following points were noted:
• The open sessions organised at Staunton On Arrow and Titley were well attended and many interesting points noted.
• approximately 420 questionnaires had been delivered to houses within the parishes. The Steering Group meeting on 31st July will analyse the forms.
ii) Approval Of Notes Taken At Steering Group Meetings
Notes taken at the Steering Group meetings on 7th 13th and 27th June 2017
were noted and approved.

6. To Discuss New Code Of Conduct Adopted By Herefordshire Council
A discussion took place and it was agreed to take the advice from HALC, not to adopt
the new Code of Conduct until 2019. Clerk to email Anthony Bush, to inform him.

7. Finance
To receive Clerks report and approve finances (ex VAT)
• Clerks Financial statement
The Clerk informed the Councillors that the balance of the current account as at 30/5/17 – £13,602.31. The bank statement for May was signed by Cllr R Edwards The bank statement for June had not been received as at 4th July 2017.
The clerk circulated an expenditure and budget sheet, which was approved.

The following payments (ex VAT) were AGREED and income Noted
• Clerks salary as agreed by the Council (May/June) chq no:100897
• PAYE – £72.40 – chq no: 100898
• P G Watts (Lengthsman) T17:02 and 03 – May/June 2017 – £752 paid under Clerk’s delegated powers chq no: 100893 dated 14/6/2017
• Hire Of Staunton On Arrow Village Hall on 4/7/17 – chq no: 100894
• DJN Planning Limited – £1,036.40 – chq 100895 (Paid Out Of NDP Grant)
• The Following have been paid under Clerk’s delegated powers out of the NDP Grant monies:
• Hire of Staunton on Arrow Village Hall for NDP development meetings and drop in session – £24 – pd chq 100890 13/5/17
• Mr D McIntyre – OS Maps for village plans of Titley and Staunton On Arrow for NDP – £323.66 – pd chq 100891 on 13/5/17
• Mr D Morris – Stationary for NDP drop in sessions – £6.99 – pd chq no: 100889 on 13/5/17
• Cllr C Janson – refreshments for NDP drop in session – £9.11 – pd chq no: 100892 on 13/5/17

Discussion – Internet banking
It was agreed to sign the HSBC Form for Internet Banking. Cllr Edwards and Cllr Janson signed the form.

8. Lengthsman
8.1 Matters Arising From The Lengthsman Report
The Lengthsman reports for May and June were discussed and noted.
8.2 Drive Around The Parish With Peter Watts (Lengthsman) And Lara Edwards
(Locality Steward) And Cllr Mitchell
Cllr Mitchell informed the Councillors that the drive around Titley Parish was a very
useful exercise. His report had been circulated earlier to all Councillors.
The following was discussed and agreed:
• Clerk to ask Locality Steward, if works listed in the report had been
• Clerk to arrange a drive around the Staunton On Arrow Parish in October, with Lara Edwards (Locality Steward), Peter Watts (Lengthsman) and Cllr Bennett. Lengthsman to be asked to prioritise issues.

9. Highways
9.1 Highways/Potholes
It was agreed to report to Lara Edwards, Locality Steward, the following roads for
consideration for next years resurfacing programme:
• From Netherlee to Giggs Bridge, Staunton on Arrow (91606)
• From Stockley Cross to Staunton Cottage (91607)
• Outside Broadford for approx. 100 metres (91607)
• B4355 from Burcher Court to Bulls Corner (Junction with 91607)
• B4362 Knill to Presteigne road
Clerk to report the above roads to Lara Edwards.

• Clerk to report potholes halfway along the 91604 from Stockley Cross to Staunton On Arrow Village.

10. Parish Reports Or Issues
10.1 Kington Library Consultation
There were no updates
10.2 Closure Of Sixth Form at Lady Hawkins School, Kington
The Chairman informed the Councillors, that a letter had been sent from the Parish
Council to the Regional Commissioner, regarding the closure of the Sixth Form.
Todate no reply had been received.
10.3 Pembridge Primary School- ‘School Governors Wanted’
A discussion took place regarding School Governors, as at the date of the meeting,
no one had come forward.
10.4 War Memorial – Titley
An email was read out from Peter Dunne, Church Warden for St Peters Church,
Titley, regarding having the lettering on the War Memorial in Titley picked out in
black paint, for the 2018 Armistice Day.
A discussion took place and Cllr Davies agreed to contact the Memorial Heritage
and report back to meeting in September.
10.5 Tree Warden
It was agreed to ask Tree Warden, Catherine Janson to attend the next Parish
Council meeting for a discussion.
Clerk to organise.

11. Correspondence
The correspondence from the information sheet was noted.

12. Date And Place Of Next Meeting
The next Parish Council meeting to take place on Tuesday 12th September 2017 at
Titley Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Meeting closed 9.45 pm

SIGNED (Chairman) …………………………… DATE ……………