Minutes 3rd November 2015

MINUTES – Tuesday 3rd November 2015 at Staunton On Arrow Village Hall

Present: Cllrs R Edwards (Chairman), R Sankey, N Lloyd, H Jones, R Bennett, J Mitchell, C Janson, Ward Cllr R Phillips

In Attendance: Parish Clerk Rachael Jones

1. Apologies of absence
Cllr N Davies

2. Co-option to fill 2 vacancies –
Jeremey Mitchell offered to stand as a member for Titley – Cllr Sankey proposed,
seconded by Cllr Lloyd
Charlie Janson offered to stand as a member for Staunton On Arrow – Cllr Bennet
proposed, seconded by Cllr Jones. They were both CO-OPTED onto the Council.

3. Declaration of interest
Cllr H Jones – planning application – 152523 – The Orles, Roddhurst, Presteigne
Clerk R Jones – planning application – 152674 – Flintsham Court, Titley

4. Approval Of Minutes from the meeting held on 8th September 2015
The minutes were approved and signed.

5. Public Session

5.1 Ward Cllr R Phillips updated;

  • The Core Strategy has been approved and adopted by the Council. All planning applications will be determined by the National Planning Policy Framework. Cllr Phillips highlighted that Titley has gone from being open countryside to a settlement, which will mean that there will be residential development in Titley. Relevant documents can be read on
  • The acceptance formally of a western bypass for Hereford.
  • New Planning Officer – Nicolas Hall
  • Highways – bulk of resurfacing programme done, although Staunton On Arrow not resurfaced in this years budget, not classed as essential.
  • Finance – there has been a 40% reduction in the budget since 2010 from the Government, approximately another 40% may be cut, therefore savings need to be identified. There maybe a reduction in the lengthsman grant, therefore an increase in the precept to cover this is advisable
  • A decision has still not been made regarding the sale of the small holdings estate in Herefordshire.

6. Planning Matters

6.1 Planning Applications

  • P151328/F – Folly Farm, Nash Presteigne, Powys,
    Proposed restoration of fire damaged house to provide accommodation for an
    essential rural worker – Refused
  • P152032/FH – Highlands Barn, Stansbatch – proposed erection of 2 bay garage with loft accommodation and log store – Approved
  • P152194 – Highland, Stansbatch – proposed erection of a greenhouse – Approved
  • 152192 – The Butts, Horseway Head, Staunton On Arrow – proposed erection of 3 loosebox stables with hay store with tack room. Change of use of field to equestrian – Withdrawn
  • 152468 – Land at Balance Farm, Eywood Lane, Titley – proposed site for erection of five 4 bedroom dwellings. – Withdrawn
  • To Note – Rhiwlas Barns, Titley – the none completion of the entrance to Rhiwlas Barns has been completed recently.
  • To Note – 152518 –Highland, Stansbatch – proposed construction of detached storage building – Approved
  • 152562 – Titley Court, Titley – proposed conversion of and alterations to a group of period barns to create five residential dwellings, granted planning permission ref: 141705 – Approved
  • 152523 – The Orles, Roddhurst, Presteigne – proposed two storey extension to rear and side of existing dwelling – RESOLVED – no objection
  • 152857 – Ashley Farm, Stansbatch – replacement conservatory – RESOLVED – no objection
  • 152858 – Ashley Farm, Stansbatch – Listed buildings consent – RESOLVED – no objection
  • 152674 – Flintsham Court, Titley – proposed realignment of existing farm buildings (frontages) to include partial demolition and reconstruction of existing buildings with some new build – Valid – Cllr Sankey to visit

6.2 To Note: Planning Applications will now be sent around all Parish Councillors on email.
6.3 To Note: The Community Infrastructure Levy Tax is being introduced in 2016. It is a
planning charge that local authorities can set on all new dwellings, to raise funds
to help pay for infrastructure in the localarea.
6.4 Neighbourhood Plan For Titley & District Group Parish Council
Letters will be sent to all Parish Councils who have not done a neighbourhood plan. If
a Parish Council does not put together a neighbourhood plan, the Council will decide
allocation and settlement boundaries, they will during the process, consult Parish
Councillors. It was Agreed to make a decision once the letter from the Council has
been Received.

7. Finance

7.1 Adoption Of Financial Regulations – a discussion took place regarding the
financial regulations. It was agreed that before the Finance Regulations could be
adopted a Financial Officer had to be elected.
7.2 Election Of Financial Officer
The Clerk Rachael Jones Agreed to be the Financial Officer. It was agreed that The
Clerk and The Chairman would attend the Procedures & Finance Training
Programme on 13th February 2016 at HALC, Hereford
7.3 Clerks Financial Statement.
The balance of the current account stands at £8,200 as at 31st October 2015.
The Clerk passed around an expenditure and budget sheet to the Councillors .
7.4 Budget for 2016/17
The Clerk had prepared a budget sheet for 2016/17 which was passed around the
Councillors and discussed.
7.5 Council Tax Precept For 2016/17
After discussing the proposed expenditure for next year and the proposed partial cut in the lengthman’s budget, It was unanimously Agreed to increase the Parish Precept by £1,500 making the precept for 2016/17 £6,000. The precept for 2015/16 was £4,500.

7.6 The following payments (excluding VAT) were AGREED and income NOTED:

  • To Note: PAYE – quarter payment July – Sept 2015 – £210 paid c/n 100826 (paid
    under Clerk’s delegated powers)
  • HALC – Crystal Clear Training for transparency – £50 (ex VAT) c/n 100828
  • Clerks salary for September and October as previously agreed by Parish Council
  • To note: income from Herefordshire Council 2nd payment of 2015/16 Precept £2,250.

7.7 It was Agreed that an in house training session for the Councillors would be
arranged for Tuesday 17th November 7.30pm at Staunton on Arrow Village Hall with
Lynda Wilcox from HALC. The cost of the training £150 plus mileage. Clerk to
arrange training with HALC, book village hall and confirm date to Councillors
by email.

8. Lengthsman

8.1 Lengthsman’s invoice – the following invoices were AGREED and NOTED

  • Lengthsman’s invoice 15.06 (September) – £520 paid c/n 100825 (paid under Clerk’s delegated powers)
  • Lengthsman’s invoice 15.07 (October) £236 requested and approved for payment c/n 100829
  • To Note: Income from Herefordshire Council for refund of Lengthsman’s costs from 1st quarter April – June 2015 – £1,112
  • To Note: Clerk has applied for the refund of 2nd quarter July – Sept 2015 of Lengthman’s costs from Herefordshire Council (£1,264)

8.2 The Lengthsman carried out a salt box survey and a list was circulated
to the Councillors. It was noted that some salt boxes were broken.
Clerk to email list to Locality Steward

9. Highways

9.1 The Councillors discussed the salt boxes in the Parish and Cllr Jones asked if
there was a salt box at the top of the road, near the junction at Roddhurst (Nash
Cllr Jones to check and advise Clerk. Clerk to find out from Locality
Steward the cost of a new salt box.
9.2 Stansbatch Highway Issues
It was Agreed that the Parish Council would offer to fund part of the cost of the
signs at Stansbatch. Ward Cllr Phillips to contact Edward Tonks with the
9.3 Purchase of mobile tripod for SID
The cost of a mobile tripod £135 plus VAT. It was Agreed to defer.
9.4 Letter from New Radnor Community Council – deteriorating condition of
Presteigne to Walton road.
The Clerk had received a letter from New Radnor Community Council which was
read out, regarding the poor condition of the Presteigne to Walton road.
Clerk to reply, stating we have several roads in our parish looking
to be resurfaced and will add this road to our list.
9.5 Resurfacing – Staunton On Arrow
The Clerk had received an email from the Locality Steward explaining that this
road will not be done in the 2015/16 budget. It will be reassessed and prioritised
in the County for inclusion into the 2016/17 annual plan of work.
9.6 A parishioner reported that the white lines at Stockley Cross and Milton
Crossroads need repainting . Clerk to contact Locality Steward

10. Parish Reports And Issues

10.1 Update on the unauthorised caravan sited on land near Titley Pool, Eyewood
Cllr Sankey visited the site and the caravans have been removed, but the
rubbish is still there. If the rubbish is still there at the next Parish Council
meeting, the Enforcement Officer will be notified.
10.2 Website Wonder / Grant
The Chairman advised the Councillors that the Parish Council should be
transparent and a Parish Council website set up. There is a grant available at
the moment to fund the setting up of a Parish Council website and also to buy a
computer and printer. This would enable the Parish Council to communicate
with the parishioners. A grant form has been completed and sent to HALC for
approval. The yearly running costs of the website will be £130.
10.3 Ward Cllr Phillips had been contacted by a parishioner, who had raised
concerns over the time the emergency services took to get to their property.
He informed the Councillors that a letter had been written to the emergency
services highlighting the concerns. All emergency services should work
together in rural areas.

10. Correspondence
The correspondence from the information sheet was noted.

11. Date and place of next meeting – Tuesday 12th January 2016 at 7.45pm at Titley Village Hall.

Meeting Closed at 10 pm