Minutes 1st March 2016

Minutes –Tuesday 1st March 2016 at Staunton On Arrow Village Hall

Present: Cllrs R Edwards (Chairman), N Davies, R Sankey, N Lloyd, J Mitchell, C Janson, Ward Cllr R Phillips

In Attendance: Parish Clerk Rachael Jones

1. Apologies of absence Cllr H Jones, R Bennett

2. Declaration of interest
None declared

3. Approval Of Minutes from the meeting held on 12th January 2016
The minutes were approved and signed.

4. Public Session

4.1 Ward Cllr Phillips discussed his February and March update and the following points were discussed and noted:

  • Council Tax for 2016/17 is rising by 3.9%
  • Herefordshire Council will have to make 87 million of reductions by 2020 due to Government funding being withdrawn
  • Highways programme for 2016/17 was discussed and it was noted that the only resurfacing on the list for this parish was a short section of the B4362 at Knill.
  • Lengthsman Scheme is being fully funded for 2016/17. 2017/18, funding being reduced to 25%. 2018/19 there will be no funding.
  • Ward Cllr Phillips has arranged a meeting with the large operators (Quarry, Kingspan) and the main large agricultural operators, to discuss traffic issues and verge damage on the roads in the ward.
  • Consideration of undertaking a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Titley and Staunton On Arrow.

4.2 Receive reports from Parish Councillors

  • Cllr Sankey gave an update on the financial aspect, regarding the extension to Titley Village Hall. The Councillors discussed if the VAT for the extension at Titley Village Hall could be reclaimed through the Parish Council. Clerk to investigate
  • Concerns were raised over contamination of the River Hindwell at Nash. It was reported that the quarry at Dolyhir was depositing sediment on a weekly basis into the river, causing contamination. Diesel had also been leaked into the river by the quarry. Clerk to contact Environment Agency and ask if pollution levels were regularly recorded in River Hindwell. If so, request a copy of the results.

4.3 Receive views of local residents
There were no members of the public present

5. Planning Matters
The following planning matters were discussed and noted:

5.1 To Note: 152523- The Orles, Roddhurst, Presteigne – proposed two storey extension to rear & side of existing dwelling – Approved
5.2 To Note: 153023- Stocklow Manor, Staunton On Arrow – Proposed erection of 6 bay agricultural livestock building to replace existing barn and store – Approved
5.3 To Note: 153622 – Folly Farm, Nash, Presteigne – Proposed conversion of and alterations to two agricultural buildings to create one residential dwelling – This application is prior approval determination for a change of use (agricultural to residential ) and as such the new legislation does not require you to respond to this communication. – Refused
5.4 160421 – Land at Folly Farm, Nash, Presteigne – Proposed prior approval for a proposed change of use of an agricultural buildings to a dwelling house (Class C3) and for associated operational development – conversion and alteration to two agricultural buildings to create one residential building. This application is for a prior approval determination for a change of and as such the new
legislation does not require you to respond to this communication. – Valid
5.5 160369 – The Old Forge, Stansbatch – Proposed conversion of Old Forge to annexe and link extension – Comment – No Objection
5.6 Neighbourhood Plan For Titley & District Group Parish Council
Cllr Edwards and Cllr Mitchell attended a neighbourhood planning meeting and reported that the Parish Council has two options regarding a neighbourhood plan.

  • Herefordshire Council will define the boundaries around Titley and Staunton On Arrow and then consult with the Parish Council. They use historical records to define boundaries.
  • Titley & District Group Parish Council can do a neighbourhood plan themselves which would give the Parish Council more control, input and state the size of the properties. They can mark specific sites which the Parish Council would like to preserve.
  • It was agreed to find out the timescale and detail of the DPD before making a decision.

6. Finance

6.1 Clerks Financial Statement
The balance of the current account stands at £8,086.02 as at 29th February 2016
The Clerk passed around an expenditure and budget sheet to the Councillors which was approved.
6.2 The following payments (excluding VAT) were AGREED and income NOTED:

  • Hire of Titley Village Hall for Rent for 2015/16 – £60.00 chq no: 100838
  • Hire of Staunton on Arrow Village for rent for 1/3/16 – £12.00 ch q no: 100839
  • Herefordshire Council – costs in respect of uncontested elections on 7/5/16 – £121.16 chq no: 100840
  • HALC membership for 2016/17 – £400.55 chq no: 100841
  • Clerks salary as agreed by the Council – to note : salary paid for January only chq no: 100842

6.3 Update On Parish Precept
It was noted that the Parish Precept has gone up approximately £7.00 per
household for 2016/17

7. Lengthsman

7.1 – the following invoices were AGREED and NOTED:

  • Lengthsman’s invoice T15:10 (January) £364.00 requested and approved for payment chq no: 100843
  • To Note: income from Herefordshire Council received for lengthsman costs of third quarter Oct – Dec 2015 – income received £972

7.2 Matters Arising From The Lengthsman Report
All further action required by Herefordshire Council on the lengthsman report
sheets, had been forwarded to Herefordshire Council.
7.3 Update On Lengthsman Scheme
It was discussed that the lengthsman scheme for:

  • 2016/17 will be fully funded by Herefordshire Council.
  • 2017/18 – 25% funded by Herefordshire Council
  • 2018/19 – no funding from Herefordshire Council. Parish Councils will be responsible for funding.
  • Due to the reduction in funding, the Parish Precept has been increased to cover the costs.

7.4 Lengthsman Scheme 2016/17 – Expression Of Interest, Annual Plan And
Expenditure For 2015/16 Forms
The Clerk confirmed that the above forms had been completed and returned to
Balfour Beatty.

8 Highways

8.1 Stansbatch Highway Issues
It was reported that the Highway issues at Stansbatch would not increase in priority, even if the Parish Council part funded the work.

9. Parish Reports and Issues

9.1 Website Wonder Grant Application (update) The Clerk informed the Councillors that the grant application for Website Wonder had been accepted.
9.2 Unauthorised caravan sited at land near Titley Pool, Eywood (update)
The Clerk had contacted the Enforcement Officer several times regarding rubbish, old carpets, cardboard etc, that has been left on the site. Todate no reply has been received.

10. Correspondence

10.1 The correspondence from the information sheet was noted.

11. Date and place of next meeting – Tuesday 10th May 2016 at 7.45pm at Titley
Village Hall, together with the Annual Meeting.