Minutes 14th March 2017


Tuesday 14th March 2017

At Staunton On Arrow Village Hall

Present: Cllrs R Edwards (Chairman), R Sankey, C Janson, H Jones, N Lloyd, J Mitchell,
N Davies

In Attendance: Parish Clerk Rachael Jones and 5 local residents

1. Apologies of absence
Cllr R Bennett and Ward Cllr Phillips

2. Declaration of interest
None declared

3. Approval Of Minutes from the meeting held on Tuesday 10th January 2017
The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman

4. Public Session

There were 5 local residents in attendance

4.1 Ward Cllr Phillips

Ward Cllr Phillips sent an apology by email which was read out.

4.2 Receive Reports From Parish Councillors

Cllr Janson updated the Councillors on the study day he attended ‘HCPRE
study day, on the effects of Intensive Poultry Units’.

Cllr R Sankey informed the Councillors that the extension to Titley Village Hall had
been built, but the plastering and electrics had not been completed.

4.3 Receive Views Of Local Residents

i) A local resident who owned Titley Court was in attendance and informed the Councillors that the entrance to the property was dangerous. He advised the Councillors that he would like to move the entrance to make it safer and was seeking advice and views, before applying for planning. A discussion took place regarding the options. Questions were asked as to whether the wall outside Titley Court was Listed. The Councillors advised the owner to check if the wall was Listed and to seek advice from the Highways Department, regarding his options.
ii) A discussion took place regarding the Parish Notice Board in Titley, as local residents were concerned it was always ‘over flowing’ with notices and flyers, with the majority not for events within the Parish. Often there was no room for any Parish notices.
iii) The owner of Cider House Barn (Planning application 170171) was present at the meeting. He informed the Councillors that no hedge had been removed from around Cider House Barn, only brambles and nettles and there were remains of the footings of a stone wall. Photographs of the remains of the stone wall were shown to the Chairman

5. Planning Matters
5.1 The following planning matters were discussed and noted:
• 160581 – Land at Balance Farm, Titley – proposed site for the erection of five 4
bedroom dwellings – Approved
• 162518 – Agricultural Workers Dwelling at Balance Farm, Titley – to remove
agricultural occupancy condition on the historic permission for an agricultural
workers dwelling at Balance Farm, Titley, originally granted in 1995 (95/0238/0)
Refused – This application has been taken to Appeal by Agent
• 162824 – Land at Balance Farm, Titley – site for proposed erection of 5
dwellings – Refused -This application has been taken To Appeal By Agent
• The Chairman informed the Councillors, that due to the refusal by the Planning
Committee of planning applications 162518 and 162824, the Agent had referred
both applications to Appeal.
• 164090 – Knill Court, Knill, Presteigne – roof extension onto existing first floor terrace – no objections – Approved
• 170105 – Cider House Barn – Land forming part of Manor Farm, Stansbatch – repair of agricultural building – the Chairman read out comments sent to the
Planning Department on behalf of the Parish Council. This application had already been discussed earlier in the meeting – Valid
• 170171 – Land at Old School Titley – division into three duplex units – one extension – no objection
5.2 Update On Neighbourhood Plan
i The following points were noted regarding the NDP:

Shaun Haydon had produced a logo for the NDP, to be discussed and approved by the Steering Group.
The NDP Grant – to be submitted in the next few weeks, after printing costs for questionnaires and room hire for open mornings confirmed.
Suggested date for NDP open morning at Staunton On Arrow Village Hall – 13th May 2017 – 10am until 1pm – TBC
Suggested date for NDP open afternoon at Titley Village Hall either 22nd April or 27th May 2017 – TBC
The next Steering Group Meeting – 11th April 2017.
ii The notes taken at the Steering Group meeting on 2nd March 2017 were
noted and approved

6.0 Finance –
6.1 To receive Clerks report and approve finances (ex VAT)
• Clerks Financial statement
The Clerk informed the Councillors that the balance of the current account as at 28/02/17 – £9,054.06. The       bank statements for January and February were signed by Cllrs R Edwards and C Janson
The clerk circulated an expenditure and budget sheet which was approved.

The following payments (ex VAT) were AGREED and income Noted
    • Clerks salary as agreed by the Council (Jan/Feb) chq no: 100878
    • Clerks expenses – Printer Cartridge – £13.99 chq no: 100879
    • P G Watts (lengthsman) T16:10 – January 2017 – £368.00 Paid under Clerk’s delegated powers chq no 100877 dated 17/2/17
    • P G Watts (lengthsman) T16:011 – February 2017 – £376 – chq no: 100880
    • HALC – invoice no: 7350 – Subscription fee 2017/18 – £418.91 – chq no: 100881
    • Hire of Staunton On Arrow Village Hall for PC Meeting on 14/3/17 – chq no: 100882 £12.00

    • Noted: income received from Herefordshire Council – reclaim of Lengthsman 3rd quarter – 1/10/16 to 31/12/16 – £1,132
    • Standing Orders – It was agreed to Approve the Standing Orders
    • Financial Regulations – It was agreed to Approve the Financial Regulations

7. Lengthsman
7.1 Matters Arising From The Lengthsman Report
The Chairman read out an email received from the Lengthsman, highlighting the
poor condition of the roads in the Parish. The email was discussed and it was
agreed for the Clerk to organise a drive around the parishes with Lara Edwards
(Locality Steward), Peter Watts (Lengthsman) and Cllrs R Edwards and J Mitchell.
Clerk to forward the email to Lara Edwards (Locality Steward)
8. Highways
8.1 Staunton On Arrow – Road Surface Through Village
The poor condition of the road through Staunton on Arrow was discussed and it was
agreed that it would be included in the drive around with Lara Edwards (Locality
8.2 Pothole Reports
A discussion regarding potholes within the Parish took place. All potholes must be
reported to Herefordshire Council through Report It on their website.

9. Parish Reports Or Issues
9.1 BT Pay Phones Consultation
Cllr Bennett and a resident had questioned why the phone box in Staunton On Arrow
Village had been removed before the end of the consultation.
Clerk to contact Anthony Bush, Herefordshire Council
9.2 Defibrillator – Update
The Clerk informed the Councillors that the grant for a cabinet for the defibrillator
had been accepted and should be delivered within the next 4 weeks.
9.3 Boundary Review – West Midlands
A discussion took place regarding the boundary review.
9.4 Kington Library Consultation
Cllr Davies updated the Councillors on a meeting she attended, regarding the future
of Kington Library. From 1st April 2017 the Library will be staffed via a rota from
Leominster Library. Current staff in Kington will finish their contracts in March 2017
and these will not be renewed. Cllr Davies informed the Councillors that a Steering
Group was being set up regarding the future of the Library. Cllr Davies agreed to be
a member of the Steering Group. Clerk to circulate to Councillors a report from
Kington Town Council, regarding Kington Library Strategy.
9.5 Closure Of Sixth Form at Lady Hawkins School, Kington
The Chairman informed Councillors, that the Governors had voted before Christmas
on the closure of the Sixth Form, unless finance could be found and the consultation
was started after making this decision. The deadline for the Governors to make a
final decision is April. It was agreed for the Chairman to write a letter of support
for the Sixth Form at Kington and invite them to the Annual Parish Meeting in May.
9.6 Tree Warden
The Clerk had received an email from Catherine Janson, regarding becoming a Tree
Warden for the Parish. The cost would be £25 per annum. A discussion took place
and it was agreed to have a Parish Tree Warden.
Clerk to write and inform Catherine Janson of the decision.
10. Correspondence
The correspondence from the information sheet was noted.

11. Date And Place Of Next Meeting
The Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Meeting Of The Parish Council to take place
on Tuesday 9th May 2017 at Titley Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Meeting closed 9.45 pm



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