Minutes 12th May 2015

Minutes of The First Meeting Of 2015-16 of The Titley & District Group Parish Council
Held on Tuesday 12th of May 2015 at 7.45 Pm in Titley Village Hall
(following the Annual Meeting for 2014-15)

1. IN ATTENDANCE: Cllrs R. Bennett, H. Jones, N. Lloyd, R. Sankey, N. Davies, R. Edwards (Chairman) and C/Cllr. R. Phillips

2. APOLOGIES: There were none.


3.1 There was only one proposal for Chairman. Cllr. Edwards was proposed and seconded by Cllrs. Davies and Jones. Cllr. Edwards agreed to serve for one more year.
3.2 Cllrs. Sankey and Edwards proposed the co-option of Cllr. Bennett and his continuance as Deputy Chairman for another year, however this could not be ratified until Cllr. Bennett had been properly co-opted. The Clerk reported that the Electoral Office had been informed of Cllr. Bennett’s late filing and promised to send out the appropriate papers for his co-option following completion of the current election procedures. Cllrs. Davies and Jones proposed and seconded this.

4. APPROVAL OF MINUTES AND MATTERS ARISING: The minutes of the sixth meeting of 2014-15 were approved subject to:

4.1 Omission of the decision to advertise the position of Parish Clerk
and the renewal of the Parish membership of HALC, in order to assist the new Clerk. It was NOTED that a candidate had been approached and it was AGREED that the Chairman and two other Councillors should meet the candidate within the next month. Assuming a satisfactory outcome, a Contract would be signed, at which time the current Clerk will stand down.

5. PLANNING : The following were discussed, NOTED and/or AGREED –

5.1 Burnt Barn, Titley – The Inspector has now visited the site and the appeal has been refused.
5.2 Titley Farms – approved
5.3 Tripple Farm, Titley – revised application to be submitted.
5.4 Village Hall, Titley – planning application for the extension now approved and funds are being sought to cover the cost of £70k. So far £10k has come from Lottery money and the professional fundraiser is in hope of finding ‘matching’ funds from elsewhere.

6. VILLAGE HALLS : Reports from Representatives – nothing to report except as noted in 4.5 above regarding Titley Village Hall.


7.1 Receipts and cheque payments per the agenda were NOTED and APPROVED.
7.2 It was proposed and AGREED that membership of HALC should be for a twelve month probationary period, in order to assist the new Clerk. The cost is circa £300 per annum.


8.1 SID : As noted under Finance above (see agenda), the Titley share of the SID is £1,290. However a supporting pole has been ordered at a cost of circa £80 because no standard pole would fit. Until its receipt, the SID cannot become operative. On behalf of Pembridge PC (Andrew Searles) has the SID ready for operation once the pole arrives. Cllr. Sankey has the key and has arranged for Adam Bowley and Mark Jones to operate the SID in Titley.
8.2 LENGTHMAN : Under the new arrangements, an annual plan has been submitted to Balfour Beatty by the Chairman and the Parish Council AGREED that the current Lengthman should be asked to continue at an hourly rate of £16. A Contract between Titley Parish Council and Balfour Beatty is awaited. On receipt, a new Contract will be issued to the Lengthman, Peter Watts.
8.3 Notice was received by the Clerk that road resurfacing was temporarily halted (see also the Ward Councillors comments at the Annual Meeting).
8.4 Concern was again raised by Cllr. Davies about the volume of heavy traffic on the B4362, between Walton and Presteigne, which was causing considerable road damage.

9. WARD COUNCILLOR : Other than in the Annual Report, there were no further matters.

10. PARISH COUNCILLORS : There was nothing further to report.

11. AOB/RECENT CORRESPONDENCE / CIRCULATION BOX : The Clerk noted, that there were still documents such as the County Plan which could not be circulated by broadband and that there were still Councillors without adequate broadband facilities.

12. DATE AND PLACE OF THE NEXT MEETING : Tuesday 7th July 2015 in Staunton-On-Arrow Village Hall at 7.30 pm.