Minutes 12 September 2017



Present: Cllrs R Edwards (Chairman), N Davies, C Janson, J Mitchell, N Lloyd, R Bennett,
R Sankey, Ward Cllr Phillips

In Attendance: Parish Clerk Rachael Jones, M Albright (Border Oak), 4 local residents

1. Apologies of absence
None received

2 Declaration of interest
None declared

3. Approval Of Minutes from the meeting held on 4th July 2017
The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman

4 Public Session
4.1 Ward Councillor Phillips report, which had been previously circulated was discussed and the following points noted:
• The proposed closure of the Logan Jack Unit at Kington Court
• The CCG meeting to be held on 13th September 2017 at Kington
• Faster Broadband – Ward Cllr Phillips is working with officers on a project to try of get some European funding, to get faster broadband to some sparser populated rural areas, including Pembridge, Staunton and Titley parishes.

4.2 Receive Reports From Parish Councillors
There were none
4.3 Receive Views From Local Residents
i) Planning Application 172702, (application for a dwelling at the Old Vicarage,
Titley) was discussed and the following points noted:
• There had been a letter of objection from the neighbouring property, Mr Turner,
Church Cottage, regarding the positioning of the proposed dwelling and concerns it
may overlook his property.
• The Agent for the new dwelling at The Old Vicarage, Merry Albright, Border Oak,
explained that there would be no windows overlooking Church Cottage and she had
tried to accommodate the concerns of the neighbouring property in the application.
• The Parish Council highlighted their concerns about the proposed new access and the
limited visibility to the eastern direction. These comments had been put in the Parish
Councils comments to Herefordshire Council.

ii) Milton/Manor Shoot – Some residents from Stansbatch expressed the following
concerns regarding the Manor/Milton Shoot:
• The increased number of shooting days
• The increased number of birds released, with some ending up on roads, causing damage to their gardens and having an impact on wildlife.
• The shoot causes problems to horse riders and walkers especially near the public footpaths.
• The use of the ‘shooting in progress’ signs
• Some shooting is too close to residents houses
• Some local residents requested a schedule of shoot days

The following points were made by Mr Morris, representing the Milton/Manor shoot:
• Concessions have been made regarding the shoot
• More game crops planted, to keep pheasants on their land
• Some shoots have been moved from Stansbatch and some drives redesigned
• There was always someone either end of the footpaths while the shoot was taking place
• If people were using the footpaths while the shoot was in progress, they didn’t mind and watched the shoot
• Mr Morris would contact Herefordshire Council to see if they had any guidance for shooting

Some progress had been made and it was agreed to monitor the concerns
regarding the shooting and the footpaths.

ii) Broadband – A local resident from Stansbatch expressed concerns
regarding faster broadband. A discussion took place regarding European
funding that was available to get faster broadband to sparser populated rural

5. Planning Matters
The following planning matters were discussed and noted:
• 160581 – Land at Balance Farm, Titley – proposed site for the erection of five 4
bedroom dwellings – Approved
• 162518 – Agricultural Workers Dwelling at Balance Farm, Titley – to remove
agricultural occupancy condition on the historic permission for an agricultural
workers dwelling at Balance Farm, Titley, originally granted in 1995 (95/0238/0)
• 162824 – Land at Balance Farm, Titley – site for proposed erection of 5
• 171475 – Nash Cottage, Nash, Presteigne – proposed first floor en-suite extension – no objections – Valid
• 171598 – Barns At Mill Green Farm, Stansbatch – Prior approval for proposed change of use of barns into dwelling house and garage – This application has been withdrawn
• 172319 – Titley Wastewater Treatment Works, The Forge, Titley – Proposed upgrades and extension to existing wastewater treatment site. Various works to include : septic tank de sludge pipework, two stage reed bed, two kiosk buildings, new access road and turning area – Titley & District Group Parish Council raised a concern regarding the water discharging into the River Arrow – Valid
• 172556 – Land At Mill Green, Stansbatch- Proposed conversion of agricultural buildings into Dwelling and detached garage – Titley & District Group Parish Council submitted comments raising the following concerns the foul water system, encouraging habitat /environmental surveys, if the property was sold in the future for agricultural use there would be no agricultural buildings to support it  – Valid
• 172702 – Land At Old Vicarage, Titley – Proposed new dwelling and garage – see 4.3 i) above for comments – Valid
5.2 Update on Neighbourhood Plan –
i) Update – The following points were noted:
• There had been a 61.4% response to the Questionnaire delivered to all houses in the parishes.
• Mr Nicholson, the Consultant, was in the process of putting together a report, summarising the results of the questionnaire.
• An NDP Steering Group meeting would be arranged to discuss the report and also the second application for a NDP Grant.

6. To Discuss New Code Of Conduct Adopted By Herefordshire Council
The Clerk informed the Councillors, that there was a meeting regarding the
new Code Of Conduct for Councillors . Clerk to circulate email regarding the

7. Finance
7.1 To receive Clerks report and approve finances (ex VAT)
• Clerks Financial statement
The Clerk informed the Councillors that the balance of the current account as at 31/08/17 – £10,663.26. The bank statement for August was signed by Cllrs Edwards and Bennett
The clerk circulated an expenditure and budget sheet, which was approved.

The following payments (ex VAT) were AGREED and income Noted
• Clerks salary as agreed by the Council (July/August) chq no:100902
• P G Watts (Lengthsman) T17:04 – July 2017 – £240 paid under Clerk’s delegated powers chq no: 100900 dated 15/8/17
• P G Watts (Lengthsman) T17:05 – August 2017 – £512 – chq no : 100901
• NOTE INCOME: from Herefordshire Council reclaim of Lengthsman Scheme (Apr–June) £282 on 14/7/17
• NOTE: Donation towards Defibrillator from A K Taylor – £20 on 23/6/17
• The Following paid under Clerk’s delegated powers from NDP Grant Monies:
• Sparkies Of Kington (Printing of Questionnaires) – £475.00 – chq no: 100899 on 4/7/17
7.2 Parish Precept 2018/19 – to consider parish precept requirements for 2018/19
(submission by 31/12/17)
A discussion took place and it was AGREED to discuss at the meeting on 7th
November 2017.

8. Lengthsman
8.1 Matters Arising From The Lengthsman Report
The Lengthsman reports for July and August were discussed and noted.
8.2 Drive Around The Parish With Peter Watts (Lengthsman) And Lara Edwards
A drive around the Staunton On Arrow parish has been arranged for 18th October
2017. Cllr Bennett to attend.

9. Highways
9.1 The following problems to be forwarded to Lara Edward, Locality Steward:
• A problem regarding the ditches in School Lane, Titley.
• Pot holes near Netherley going towards Stockley Cross (91604)
9.2 SID
A discussion took place regarding the SID and it was suggested that it should be in Titley for a while.

9.3 School Lane, Titley – Ditches
A local resident had complained regarding the ditches running along School Lane, Titley and how they were choked by weeds. There was a concern regarding flooding if the weeds were not cleared. Clerk to forward to Peter Watts, Lengthsman and Lara Edwards, Locality Steward, to look at the problem.

10. Parish Reports Or Issues
10.1 Kington Library Consultation
There was no update
10.2 Kington Court/Community Health And Care Services
The Councillors were informed there was a meeting on 13th September 2017 at
Masonic Hall, Kington. Clerk to recirculate survey to Councillors
10.3 Staunton On Arrow Church Roof – Update
The Councillors were informed that after the discussions at the last Parish Council
Meeting on 4th July, a letter had been sent from the Parish Council, in support of
the new Church roof.
10.4 War Memorial – Titley
A discussion took place and Cllr Bennett agreed to enquire who
restored the War Memorial at Staunton On Arrow.

11. Correspondence
The correspondence from the information sheet was noted.

12. Date And Place Of Next Meeting
The next Parish Council meeting to take place on Tuesday 7th November 2017 at
Staunton On Arrow Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Meeting closed 9.45 pm


SIGNED (Chairman) …………………………… DATE ……………