Draft Minutes


Present: Cllrs R Edwards (Chairman), J Mitchell, N Lloyd, R Sankey, C Janson
R Bennett, H Jones, Ward Cllr Phillips

In Attendance: Parish Clerk Rachael Jones and 2 local residents

1. Apologies of absence
Cllr N Davies

2 Declaration of interest
There were no Declaration Of Interest declared. The Chairman signed the book.

3 Approval Of Minutes from the meeting held on Tuesday 8th January 2019 and
the Special Planning Meeting held on Thursday 14th February 2019.
The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman

4. Public Session
i) Receive Report From Ward Councillor Phillips
The following points were noted:
• The residents of Nash had raised concerns regarding a business near the quarry which repairs tractors and lawnmowers, with some sales. Questions had been raised if planning permission was required to run the business.
• Water Treatment Works at Titley – this is in the process of being upgraded and the work will hopefully be completed by June this year. The tankers are still being used to remove the waste from Titley on a daily basis during the upgrading works, to ensure there is no impact on the local water course. Once the work is complete and is fully operational, the need for tankers should be greatly reduced to around once every 2 to 3 months.
• Balance Farm – Planning No: 190122 – this application will go to Planning Committee. Ward Cllr Phillips will inform the Parish Council of the date.
• Highways – Green Lane, Titley will be surface dressed.
• Reminder – Elections on 2nd May 2019.

ii) Receive reports from Parish Councillors
Cllr Mitchell had been asked to raise a concern, regarding the cutting of certain grass
verges, causing wild flowers to be cut. Cllr Mitchell to investigate.

It had been noted that hedge had been removed on the B4355 between Bircher Farm
and Weobley Ash, for a gateway. The land is owned by Bircher Farm. It was agreed
that Cllr Lloyd would investigate.

iii) Receive views of local residents

5. Planning Matters
5.1 The following planning matters were discussed and noted:
• P182996 – Land Adjacent To Stone House, Staunton On Arrow – creation of additional access to allow separate accesses for each dwelling – Approved – (Titley & District Group Parish Council do not support this application).
• 183262 – Land adjacent to Titley Court Barns, Titley – erection of 2 new barn conversion style dwellings, including improvements to the access and demolition of existing agricultural building – Withdrawn – awaiting ecology report which can only be done in summer – (Titley & District Group Parish Council do not support this application).
• 183263 Land adjacent to Titley Court Barns, Titley- Listed Building Consent – erection of 2 new barn conversion style dwellings, including improvements to the access and demolition of existing agricultural building – Approved Listed Building Consent not required – (Titley & District Group Parish Council do not support this application).
• 183572 – Cedar House Farm, Roddhurst, LD1 2LH – erection of additional manure store adjacent to existing manure store – Approved (Titley & District Group Parish Council have no objections to this application)
• 183156 – Land at Wegnalls Mill, Presteigne – proposed conversion and extension of an ancillary store into a holiday let – Withdrawn (Titley & District Group Parish Council have no objections)
• 183303 – Wegnalls Mill, Presteigne – application for the erection of a porch – – Approved (Titley & District Parish Council have no objections)
• 183871 – The Grove, Noke Lane, Pembridge – install of Waterwheel & channel adj to existing weir – Valid – (Titley & District Parish Council have no objections)
• 190122 – Balance Farm Titley – application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval 160581/0 (proposed site for the erection of 5 no four bedroom dwellings) reserved matters for access only – Valid – Titley & District Group Parish Council held a special meeting on 14th February 2019 to discuss the application. It was agreed to object to this application due to highway safety and request this application to be considered at Planning Committee Meeting
• 190006 – Land at Stockley Farm, Byton – proposed agricultural dwelling – Valid – it was noted that this application is outside the Parish Council boundary, but the Parish Council had commented on road safety issues and the situation of the proposed dwelling
• 190258 – Lower Tan House Staunton On Arrow – extension and alterations to existing dwelling – Valid – No objections

5.2 Neighbourhood Development Plan
i) Update
Cllr Janson to arrange a Steering Group meeting on 14th March 2019, to discuss
the response log relating to the draft NDP. Cllr Janson to confirm place and

ii) Staunton On Arrow Residents Association
There was no update

iii) NDP Grant – Update
The Clerk informed the Councillors that a grant of £2,057 had been received
from Groundworks UK.

The Clerk had received an invoice from Mr D Nicholson (NDP Consultant) for
£811.60, (which is extra to his original fee proposal), due to the high number of
consultation responses to the draft NDP.

A discussion took place and it was agreed to pay the invoice, but to inform Mr
Nicholson future invoices must remain within the budget.

6. 6.1 Finance
To receive Clerk’s report and approve finances (ex VAT)
• Clerks Financial statement
The Clerk informed the Councillors the balance of the current account as at 27/2/19 – £12,377.24. The February 2019 bank statement was agreed and signed by Cllr Edwards and Cllr Mitchell
The Clerk circulated an expenditure and budget sheet, which was approved.
• The following payments (Ex VAT) were AGREED and income noted:
• Clerk’s’ salary as agreed by the Parish Council (Jan/Feb ) – chq no: 100969
• R Jones Clerk – New Laptop battery – £35.83 (£7.17 VAT)- chq no: 100970
• R Jones Clerk – Ink Cartridge – £14.20 – chq no: 100970
• P G Watts (Lengthsman) T18:10 (January) £378 paid under Clerk’s delegated powers chq no: 100967
• PG Watts (Lengthsman) T18:11 (February) £378 – chq no: 100968
• Staunton On Arrow Village Hall £12 – chq no: 100971
• Income
• Grant received from Groundwork UK £2,057
• Hire of Staunton On Arrow Village Hall – Steering Group Meeting 14/12/18 – chq no: 100971

7. Lengthsman
7.1 Matters Arising From Lengthsman Report
The Clerk had received an email from Mr P Watts, Lengthsman, asking for an
increase in his hourly rate from £18 to £20 per hour. A discussion took place and it
was agreed to refuse his request for £20 per hour. Chairman agreed to inform Mr

It was agreed to contact Lengthsman used by neighbouring Parish Councils and get
quotes. (Clerk) To be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting.

8. Highways
8.1 Pothole Repairs And Other Public Realm Services
It was noted that there were a lot of pot holes between Milton and Stockley

8.2 Bio-Digestate Tanker Route Through Staunton On Arrow – Update
As agreed at the Parish Council meeting on 6th November 2018, a letter had
been written to The Leen, suggesting proposals to try to limit the impact of tanker
movements through Staunton On Arrow. Todate no reply has been received. An
email had also been sent to Rebecca Jenman, Herefordshire Council. The Clerk had
chased up a response, but todate no reply had been received.
Clerk to email Ward Cllr Phillips to chase up.

8.3 Speed Limit Review – Titley
An email had been received from Graham Hornsby, Traffic Regulation Order Officer,
Balfour Beatty, with attachments of the signage being considered for enhancement of the bend warning signs through Titley (Eywood Junction) and the enhancement of the existing 40mph terminal signs.
A discussion took place and it was agreed to approve the new signage. Clerk to inform Graham Hornsby.

8.4 Annual Drive Around Titley With Balfour Beatty
The annual drive around Titley Parish with Lara Edwards (Balfour Beatty Steward),
Cllr Sankey and Clerk, had taken place on 30th January 2019.

8.5 To Arrange Annual Drive Around Staunton On Arrow Parish with Balfour
Clerk to arrange the annual drive around Staunton On Arrow Parish with Lara
Edwards, Balfour Beatty Steward, on 1st or 2nd April. Cllr Bennett and Edwards to

8.6 Speed Indicator Device (Discussion)
A discussion took place regarding the putting up of the SID in Titley, as
the current volunteers were not able to do it anymore. A suggestion was to put a
flyer up in Titley and see if anyone came forward to help. It was noted that it required
2 people to put up the SID.

9. Parish Reports Or Issues
9.1 Kington Library
There was no update.

9.2 Kington Court/Community Health And Care Services – Update
There was no update

9.3 Milton/Manor Shoot – Update
It was noted that the Parish Council had tried to arrange a meeting with the
residents of Stansbatch and the Police, but it had been difficult to arrange.
A discussion took place and it was agreed to ask PC Wall and the residents to attend
the next Parish Council meeting on 7th May.

9.4 Local Government Elections – 2nd May 2019
It was noted that the local Governments Elections were on 2nd May 2019.

10. Correspondence
There was none.

11. Date And Place Of Next Meeting

Parish Council AGM on 7th May 2019, 7.3pm at Staunton On Arrow Village Hall

Parish AGM on 14th May 2019, 7.30pm at Titley Village Hall
(Note: Clerk to contact Pembridge Primary School and Lady Hawkins School for an
annual report).

Meeting closed 9.30

SIGNED (Chairman) …………………………… DATE ……………