Draft Minutes


Present: Cllrs R Edwards (Chairman), R Sankey, N Davies, N Lloyd, R Bennett,
H Jones, Ward Cllr Phillips

In Attendance: Parish Clerk R Jones and 11 local residents

1. Apologies of absence
Cllr J Mitchell, C Janson

2. Declaration of interest
There were no Declaration of Interests declared. The Chairman signed the book.

3. Approval Of Minutes from the meeting held on Tuesday 9th July 2019 And
the Extraordinary Planning Meeting held on Tuesday 6th August 2019.
The minutes for both meetings were approved and signed by the Chairman

4. Public Session

i) Receive Report From Ward Councillor Phillips
The following points were noted:
• Ward Cllr Phillips discussed his September update, which had been previously circulated.
• He thanked Councillors for attending the visit he had organised to The Sidney Nolan Trust, Rodd, Presteigne.
• Balance Farm site, Titley update – the Landowner won her Appeal relating to the access and was also awarded costs against the Council.
• Balance Farm site – application for approved matters for 5 houses –
Cllr Phillips paid tribute to the Parish Council on the content of their objection to this application.
• Herefordshire Council have paused work on the bypass.
• Lawton Crossroads, Eardisland – the new roundabout will be started in this financial year.

ii) Receive reports from Parish Councillors

The Councillors thanked Ward Councillor Phillips for organising the trip to The Sydney Nolan Trust, they found it very interesting.

Cllr Edwards and Janson reported on a Collaboration Meeting they had attended. The meeting was very informative, interesting and impressed on Councillors that we all need to address climate issues immediately, to safeguard our children’s future.

iii) Receive views of local residents

Local residents had attended the meeting to listen to a presentation by Austin Owens, on his planning application at The Grove, Noke Lane. Unfortunately, Mr Owens could not attend this meeting, therefore it was agreed to re-arrange the meeting for 1st October 2019 (TBC).

The Grove, Noke Lane – Planning Application (183871)
Local residents raised their concerns regarding the planning application
at The Grove, Noke Lane. A resident living close to this application, expressed his
concerns, as he had recently moved into the area and had just been notified about this
application. He was advised to contact the Planning Officer direct.
There were also concerns regarding the environmental issues on the River and
Mill Stream and worries over the water level and flow. It was also noted that there are
a large number of objections to this application, on the Herefordshire Council
Planning website.

Digester – Court Farm, Staunton On Arrow
Concerns were raised regarding the increase of effluent being discharged from
the washing off of machinery/beet etc at Court Farm. It was noted that Mill Stream
had risen 9 inches and concerns were expressed regarding the depth of the silt.

5. Planning Matters
5.1 The following planning matters were discussed and noted:
• 183871 – The Grove, Noke Lane, Pembridge – installation of Waterwheel & channel adj to existing weir – Valid – (Titley & District Parish Council have no objections)
• 190122 – Balance Farm Titley – Access application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval 160581/0 (proposed site for the erection of 5 no four bedroom dwellings) – APPEAL GRANTED
• 190006 – Land at Stockley Farm, Byton – proposed agricultural dwelling – Valid – it was noted that this application is outside the Parish Council boundary. The Parish Council had commented on road safety issues and the situation of the proposed dwelling
• 190844 – The Rodd, Presteigne, Powys – to locate office on first floor of house and use some other rooms for storage of archive material, to make some ground floor rooms open to the general public, creation of parking spaces and to change use of the annex (Orchard House) to holiday let – Valid (Titley & District Group Parish Council have no objections)
• 191563 – Arch Barns, Titley Court Barn, Titley, Kington – application for variation of condition 2 of planning permission for period barns to create five residential dwellings. To allow alternative plans – Approved
• 191531 – Wegnalls Mill, Presteigne – to replace ancillary store with residential annex for use as an air B&B – valid – (Titley & District Group Parish Council have no objections)
• 192304 – The Square, Titley, Kington, HR5 3RG – proposed front two storey extension, proposed side single storey extension & proposed single storey rear extension – Approved
• 192515 – Balance Farm, Titley – application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval – (application no: 160581 – proposed site for the erection of 5 no four bedroom dwellings) – Valid (Titley & District Group Parish Council object to this application)
• P192663/XA2 – Land at Old Vicarage, Titley – approval of details reserved by conditions 3,4,11&12 attached to planning permission 172702 – No comments being accepted
• 192448 – Burcher Farm, Titley – to erect roof structure on a steel frame over existing yard – Approved
• 192505/PA7 – Highlands Works, Highlands Farm, Stansbatch – application for prior notification of an Agricultural storage building for the storage of modern farm machinery – Approved
• 192902 – Barleycorn, Balance Barns, Titley – home/office storage buildings – Valid

5.2 Neighbourhood Development Plan
i) Update
It was noted that following Regulation 16, the NDP had progressed to
Examination and that Ann Skippers had been chosen as the examiner.

6. 6.1 Finance
To receive Clerk’s report and approve finances (ex VAT)
• Clerks Financial statement
The Clerk informed the Councillors the balance of the current account as at
31/8/2019 was £12,046.20. The August 2019 bank statement was agreed and signed by Cllr Edwards and Cllr Bennett
The Clerk circulated an expenditure and budget sheet, which was approved.
• The following payments (Ex VAT) were AGREED and income noted:
• Clerk’s’ salary as agreed by the Parish Council (July/August ) – chq no: 100985
• Hire of Titley Village Hall for 2017/18/19 – £156 – chq no: 100986
• Eyelid Productions – annual website support – £100 – chq no: 100987
To be set at next Parish Council meeting

7. Lengthsman
7.1 Items For Lengthsman Worksheet
There were no items put forward for the Lengthsman worksheet.
It was noted that a drive around the Nash, Knill and Little Brampton parishes
was organised for 3rd October 2019, where any jobs will be noted.
7.2 Drive Around Rodd, Knill and Little Brampton Parishes
The Clerk informed the meeting, that a drive around the parishes of Rodd, Knill
and Little Brampton was arranged for Wednesday 2nd October.
Councillors N Davies and H Jones, The Clerk and Lara Edwards, Balfour Beatty
Steward to attend.

8. Highways
8.1 Pothole Repairs And Other Public Realm Services
The Clerk was asked to report the following manhole covers:
B4355 top of bank before Weobley Ash,
B4355 Just past Eywood Junction on bend,
B4355 Between Flintsham Lodge and Flintsham House.

8.2 Bio-Digestate Tanker Route Through Staunton On Arrow – Update
There was no update.

8.3 Speed Limit Review – Update
It was noted that the new road signage had been completed, for the
enhancement of the existing 40mph terminal signs and the enhancement of
the bend warning signs in the vicinity of the Stagg Inn Bend.

8.4 Speed Indicator Device (Discussion)
It was noted that the SID is currently sited in Titley near The Stagg. The
Chairman asked if it could moved to the other end of the Village near
Burcher Court.

9. Parish Reports Or Issues
9.1 Kington Library
There was no update.

9.2 Kington Court/Community Health And Care Services – Update
It was reported that there was now a full complement of Doctors at Kington
Medical Practice.

9.3 Milton/Manor Shoot – Update
It was noted that a letter had been sent to Milton/Manor Shoot and forwarded to
BASC, PC Dean Wall and the Forestry Commission. Todate no replies have
been received.

9.4 BT phone boxes
A consultation had been received, stating that both the Titley and Staunton On
Arrow (near Staunton Green), were being removed. It was agreed to respond
objecting to the removal, stating that mobile phone coverage was very variable
in both areas.

10. Correspondence

10.1 The Councillors were informed that the Radnor Day Centre are looking for new
Clerk to obtain details.

11. Date And Place Of Next Meeting

Tuesday 1st October 2019, extraordinary meeting 7.30pm Staunton on Arrow

Tuesday 12th November 2019, to be held at Titley Village Hall at 7.30pm

Meeting closed 21.05 pm

SIGNED (Chairman) …………………………… DATE ……………