Draft Minutes


Present: Cllrs R Edwards (Chairman), N Davies, N Lloyd J Mitchell, H Jones, R Bennett
C Janson, R Sankey, Ward Cllr Phillips

In Attendance: Parish Clerk R Jones, Mr Austin Owens, 25 local residents

1. Apologies of absence
Mrs J Burton

2. Declaration of interest
There were no Declaration of Interests declared. The Chairman signed the book.

3. Approval Of Minutes from the meeting held on Tuesday 10th September 2019
The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman

4. Public Session

i)The Chairman welcomed Mr Owens to the meeting.

Presentation By Mr A Owens regarding Planning Application 183871
Proposed Hydro Scheme At The Grove Farm

Mr Owens gave a presentation on his planning application 183871, for a proposed Hydro Scheme at The Grove Farm.

The presentation by Mr Owens is attached at Appendix 1.

After the presentation, the Chairman opened a question time session, with the following noted:

Q. What is the size of the water wheel?
A. The water wheel is 4.8m diameter, 5.5m width, exposed height 2.5m.

Q. There were concerns for the fish in the river (brown trout, salmon, and eels) and
asked for reassurance that small fish would not be affected or damaged.
A. The inlet of the water wheel has a mesh, to stop the fish getting into the mechanism

Q. There didn’t seem to be anything in the planning application referring to the fish and
A. Mr Owens stated that water extraction will be monitored when the river flow levels are low, or fish are migrating upstream (May and June and Oct to Dec). The water levels would also be moderated to accommodate downstream movement of fish. The wheel
can be shut off at certain times, if it was affecting the fish.

Q. What volume of water do you need to make it run efficiently?
A. At the moment the maximum flow would be 3.35 metres cubed per second

Q. A gentleman who owned some of the fishing rights on the river, was concerned that a small pool further down the river could be lost due to the proposed scheme
A. The water flow can be monitored, so the pool should not be affected. Mr Owens
stated he had spoken many times to a local fishermen, who had created
lots of other pools along the river and he felt that if approved, this application would not
impinge on the fisherman.

Q. Would the noise from the proposed water wheel be higher than what you hear now?
A. The noise level should be no more than what you hear now, about 50dB, but it will be
a different kind of noise. The generator will be housed in a sound proofed small shed.

Q. Is this a test case of something more commercial?
A. Definitely not, when preparing the application Mr Owens thought it would be something
good and positive as it was creating renewable energy.

The following concerns were also raised and noted by residents:

• There are critical times of the year for fish to migrate. Trout will come up the river any time of the year, salmon have certain times of the year to migrate.
• There were concerns the wheel would chop the fish up
• The fish coming down the river need to be protected.
• The size of the wheel
• The potential noise of the wheel would not exceed 50 decibels
• The noise disturbance to neighbouring properties from the whining noise of the wheel
going around. Examples were given by local residents of 2 different sites in the UK,
where the noise and whining from the water wheel had created problems for local
• It was noted that there was another weir on water board land further up the river, which
may be less contentious and less damaging and be a better place for the proposed
hydro scheme

At the end of this session, Ward Cllr Phillips read out an email from the Planning Department, Herefordshire Council, regarding this planning application, who stated they had not heard from the Environment Agency since December, when they objected to the application and requested additional information from the applicant and agent. The agent indicated early on in the year that they were gathering the required information, whilst also addressing the many objections which had been received. Todate, no information has been received by the Planning Department from the Agent.

The Chairman thanked Mr Owens for the presentation.

i) Presentation By Mr J Weymouth On Behalf Of Stansbatch Residents –
Issues Relating To Manor Farm Shoot

Mr Weymouth read the following presentation, regarding issues with Manor Farm

‘The community are very grateful for the Parish Council’s letter to Andrew Morris. This
set out clearly many of our concerns.

The season has only just started but a number of issues have become clear:

1. Over 7 consecutive days recently, the shoot used drives around Stansbatch on 4 days.
If this was to become the norm, it would be contrary to the Code of Good Shooting
2. The number of birds released is probably about the same as last year. The
management and make up of the flock has changed. More birds are on our land and
in our gardens this year. This too is contrary to the Code.
3. We have had no calendar of shooting days for the season.
4. The signage has not changed as requested and signs are left up from dawn to dusk,
indicating in the case of the Wapley Hill car park, that shooting will be going on all day.
The wording continues to suggest ‘Keep Out’.
5. The gamekeeper has said that all dogs walking on Wapley Hill should be kept on
leads. This is not a Forestry Commission condition. We suspect that the gamekeeper
has a number of snares in use.
6. Recent press reports and action by the RSPB, reveal significant worries about the
environmental impact of commercial release and shooting of game birds. Defra has
undertaken to initiate a review of the impact of the nationwide release of +50 million
game birds.

We are aware that the shooting Lease for Wapley Hill is due for renewal in 2020. It
would be very helpful if the Parish Council was to write to the Forestry Commission on
our behalf, urging, that if the Lease is to be renewed, the text includes a section on the need to recognise the concerns of not only the local community of Stansbatch, but also other recreational visitors to the woods. We ask that the text urges cooperation and consultation to improve relations. A major step in this direction would be the removal of the large release pen above Stansbatch House and permission for fewer shoot days being granted.

The Chairman thanked Mr Weymouth for the above presentation. It was agreed that
the Parish Council would like more specific evidence, details, times, dates and
photographs of the issues with the shoot. This was discussed under minute 9.3.

b) Receive Report From Ward Councillor Phillips
The following points were noted:
• Saturday 9th November saw a special unveiling of a new memorial footpath gate, Staunton On Arrow, in memory of Ernest Morris from Grove Cottages, Staunton On Arrow.
• On Saturday 16th November, 2019, 12pm at Titley Church, there will be a Service for the Dedication of a Memorial plaque to General Lazar Meszaros.
• There is a suspension of planning applications in the whole of the River Lugg catchment area, due to high levels of phosphates recorded in the River Lugg. The 2 sources of phosphates are agricultural run off and human activity. Unless a solution can be found within the next few months, it will have a serious impact on business and communities in the local area.
• Cllr Phillips thanked the Parish Councillors who attended the visit he had organised to Kingspan, Pembridge.

c) Receive reports from Parish Councillors
There were none.

d) Receive views of local residents

A local resident commented that the Mill Stream, Staunton On Arrow had a large amount of silt and it may be caused by ‘washing off’ at Old Court, Staunton on Arrow. Cllr Bennett stated that the silting up the stream was not caused by ‘washing off’ at Old Court. It was agreed further investigations were required.

5. Planning Matters
5.1 The following planning matters were discussed and noted:
• 183871 – The Grove, Noke Lane, Pembridge – installation of Waterwheel & channel adj to existing weir – Valid – (Titley & District Parish Council have no objections)
A discussion took place and the Chairman asked the Councillors if they would like to make any further comments regarding this application. It was agreed to submit a further comment from the Parish Council, reiterating their support to the application and attach the minutes to this meeting which would include the notes from the question time session and Mr Owens presentation notes.
• 190006 – Land at Stockley Farm, Byton – proposed agricultural dwelling – Valid – it was noted that this application is outside the Parish Council boundary. The Parish Council had commented on road safety issues and the situation of the proposed dwelling
• 190844 – The Rodd, Presteigne, Powys – to locate office on first floor of house and use some other rooms for storage of archive material, to make some ground floor rooms open to the general public, creation of parking spaces and to change use of the annex (Orchard House) to holiday let – Valid (Titley & District Group Parish Council have no objections)
• 191531 – Wegnalls Mill, Presteigne – to replace ancillary store with residential annex for use as an air B&B – valid – (Titley & District Group Parish Council have no objections)
• 192515 – Balance Farm, Titley – application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval – (application no: 160581 – proposed site for the erection of 5 no four bedroom dwellings) – Valid (Titley & District Group Parish Council object to this application)
• 192902 – Barleycorn, Balance Barns, Titley – home/office storage buildings – Valid (Titley & District Group are not opposed to this application, but noted concerns from neighbouring property regarding accessibility to their property. It was also highlighted that the mains drainage runs underneath the proposed building).
• 193183 – Land at Titley Court, Titley – Erection of two new barn style dwellings (re-submission) demolition of existing agricultural building, change of use of land from agricultural to residential – Valid (Titley & District Group Parish Council object to this application as it is outside the NDP boundary)
• 193304 – Nash Court, Nash Lane, Presteigne – application of hedgerow removal – Refused
• 192515 – planning re-consultation – Balance Farm, Titley – application for reserved matters following outline approval (160581 – proposed site for 5 no four bedroom dwellings) – Valid
Titley & District Group Parish Council have concerns with this application, due to the design of the houses and no renewable energy included in the application)

5.2 Neighbourhood Development Plan
i) Update And Response To Questions Vrom Examiner
The NDP is currently with the Examiner Ann Skippers. She had sent questions for clarification to the Parish Council, which had been dealt with. The questions related to Policy TG4 (land at Titley Farm), Policy TG5 (Titley settlement boundary) and Policy TG6 (land opposite Old Court Cottage/Newton). (The questions from the Examiner and answers from the Parish Council can be found on the Titley & District Group Parish Council website).

ii) NDP – Finances
A discussion took place regarding the printing costs relating to the NDP
referendum. It was agreed to enquire if there was any grant money available to
cover the printing costs.
Clerk to contact Groundwork UK to enquire about a grant.

6. 6.1 Finance
To receive Clerk’s report and approve finances (ex VAT)
• Clerks Financial statement
The Clerk informed the Councillors the balance of the current account as at
31/10/2019 was £16,582.80. The September and October 2019 bank statement was agreed and signed by Cllr Edwards and Cllr Bennett
The Clerk circulated an expenditure and budget sheet, which was approved.
• The following payments (Ex VAT) were AGREED and income noted:
• Clerk’s’ salary as agreed by the Parish Council (Sept/Oct ) – chq no: 100988
• Hire of Staunton On Arrow Village Hall – £12 – chq no: 100989
• 123 Connect – renewal of website hosting – £49 (£9.80 VAT – £58.80) (paid by Clerk out of her private bank account. Therefore cheque paid to clerk to reimburse. Chq no: 100990
• DJN Planning Ltd – Advice on NDP response to Examiners questions
Chq no: 100991
• Mallatite Ltd – Battery for SID – £117.83 + £20 carriage (Vat £27.57) £165.40 chq 100992

• Herefordshire Council – Precept payment (second payment) for 2018/19 £5,250

A discussion took place and it was agreed not to raise the Parish Precept, but to
leave it at £10,500.
Clerk to complete form and submit to Herefordshire Council

7. Lengthsman
7.1 Items For Lengthsman Worksheet
The following items were put forward by Cllr Edwards for the lengthsman worksheet:

Road Number UC91607 – From junction with B4355 (Balls corner) to junction
C1032 Milton Cross
• General – Clear all grips, culverts and gullies of mud and debris
• In particular culvert north of road approx. 50m to the west of junction with C1023 (Stockley Cross). Water overflowing from blocked gateway culvert.
• Clean out gully 20m to the east of Yew Tree Cottage on south side of road
• Clean out gully at Broadfield on south side of the road

Road Number UC91608 – road off UC91607
Ditches require clearing along Tan House Lane, Stansbatch

Clerk to Contact Hi Trees to carry out the above works.

7.2 Drive Around Rodd, Knill and Little Brampton Parishes With Lara Edwards
Balfour Beatty, Locality Steward
The Clerk informed the Councillors, the drive around is rescheduled for
Tuesday 26th November 2019. Cllr Davies and H Jones to meet Lara Edwards
at Titley Village at 9am.

8. Highways
8.1 Pothole Repairs And Other Public Realm Services
i. It was noted that there were deep potholes along Stansbatch road,
(UC91607) and the road surface had been worn away in places due to the recent
heavy rain, especially near Greenfield House, Stockley Cross.
Clerk to report via Herefordshire Council website

8.2 B4355 – Flooding of road near Little Rodd
It was reported that water was running out of Green Lane, onto the
B4355 and running down the hill to The Rodd. It had caused flooding on the
road and was wearing away the road surface in places.
Clerk to report it and Cllr Jones to ring Lara Edwards, Balfour Beatty.

8.3 Bio-Digestate Tanker Route Through Staunton On Arrow – Update
A discussion took place regarding the bio digester tanker route through
Staunton on Arrow. It was noted that no complaints from local residents had
been received recently, therefore there was no update.

8.4 Speed Indicator Device (Discussion)
Cllr Mitchell reported that the battery for the SID only lasted a week. Therefore
it was agreed to order a new battery from Mallatite Ltd.

8.5 Roadside Verges – Wild Flowers
A discussion took place regarding planting wild flowers along verges, or limiting
the cutting of verges, to encourage wild flowers to grow back again.
It was noted that Plant Life have been liaising with Councils, to trail different
wildlife friendly verge management options.

9. Parish Reports Or Issues
9.1 Kington Library
There was no update

9.2 Kington Court/Community Health And Care Services – Update
There was no update

9.3 Milton/Manor Shoot – Update
It was noted that Titley & District Group Parish Council sent a letter to
Milton/Manor Shoot in August 2019 and forwarded it to BASC, PD Dean Wall
and the Forestry Commission. Todate no replies have been received.

The Chairman circulated to Councillors the presentation read out by a resident
from Stansbatch Shoot Group, recorded in minute 4ii.

A discussion took place and it was agreed to write to the Forestry
Commission regarding the shoot and ask when a new Lease is set up with
Manor Shoot, they consider local residents and recreational visitors to the
woods. It was also agreed to ask the residents, as noted in minute 4ii, for
evidence of the issues with the shoot ie details, times, dates and photographs.
Cllr Janson agreed to draft a letter to then
Forestry Commission and Clerk to circulate draft letter around councillors.

9.4 Bus Shelter Proposal At Titley
Ward Cllr Phillips had received an enquiry from a local resident, regarding
building a bus shelter in Titley. It was noted that children from Titley were stood
waiting in all weather conditions for the school bus and a bus shelter would
help keep them dry. A discussion took place and it was agreed to ask Mark
Jones from Titley for a quote.

10. Correspondence

10.1 Presteigne Day Care _ Trustees
The Clerk had contacted Presteigne Day Care for information on becoming a
Trustee At the date of the meeting, no information had been received.

11. Date And Place Of Next Meeting

Tuesday 7th January 2020, 7.30pm at Titley Village Hall

Meeting closed 22.15 pm

SIGNED (Chairman) ……………………………               DATE ……………