Draft Minutes


Present: Cllrs R Edwards (Chairman), J Mitchell, N Lloyd, N Davies, R Sankey, H Jones,
C Janson, R Bennett, Ward Cllr Phillips
In Attendance: Parish Clerk Rachael Jones, 3 local residents

1. Apologies of absence
There was none

2 Declaration of interest
The following declaration of interests were declared and the Declaration Of Interest
Book signed :
Cllrs R Edwards and R Bennett – Item 5.1 P182583/XA2 and P183111/XA2
Cllr H Jones – Item 5.1 P183572

3. Approval Of Minutes from the meeting held on Tuesday 11th September 2018.
The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman

4. Public Session
i) Receive Report From Ward Councillor Phillips, With The Following Points Noted:

• Ward Cllr Phillips November update, which had been previously circulated was discussed and noted.
• Ward Cllr Phillips had inspected Mowley Lane and suggested that the sides of the roads were collapsing and just resurfacing would not solve the problem, as it was a structural problem. He will put it forward for assessment.
• Herefordshire Council was in the process of discussing next years budget.
• It was estimated that Council Tax will rise by approximately 4.5% next year
• He asked Councillors to put forward any roads to be considered for resurfacing next year.
• A discussion took place regarding homecare in the community.

ii) Receive reports from Parish Councillors
There were none
iii) Receive views of local residents
A discussion took place regarding the NDP draft plan

The local residents were informed by Councillors of the following:
• The NDP draft Plan will be delivered to parishioners between 23rd November and 2nd December 2018
• The consultation dates will run from 3rd December 2018 to 28th January 2019.
• The following Two drop in sessions have been organised:
Titley Village Hall – Saturday 8th December 2018 – 10am till 2pm
Staunton On Arrow Village Hall – Friday 14th December 2018 – 6pm till 9pm
• Comment sheets for residents will be included with the draft plan.
• All comments received will be discussed and considered by the Steering Group and Mr Nicholson (Consultant)
The residents asked if a landowner could change what type of houses
were built on their land, after the NDP Plan had been approved.
Cllr Janson to consult with Mr D Nicholson.

Concerns were also raised regarding employment for local young people, if
affordable houses were built.

Planning Application 183996 – Creation Of Additional Access
Concerns by local residents were raised regarding this planning application. The
Chairman informed the residents that the Parish Council had objected to this planning

Staunton On Arrow Local Residents Association
The Councillors advised the local residents to hold a meeting before the drop-in
session at Staunton on Arrow on Friday 14th December, to discuss the NDP draft plan.

5. Planning Matters
5.1 The following planning matters were discussed and noted:
• 181476– Land At Balance Farm, Titley – Access Only – Refused
• 182073 – Shobdon Airfield, Shobdon, HR6 9NR – retrospective application for free-fall parachuting – Withdrawn
• P182583/XA2 – Old Court, Staunton On Arrow – Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 4,5,6,7 & 8 attached to planning permission 141391 – Valid – no comments are being accepted for this application
• P183111/XA2 – Old Court, Staunton On Arrow – application for approval of details reserved by conditions 3 & 4 attached to planning application 161883 – Valid – no comments are being accepted for this application.
• P182996 – Land Adjacent To Stone House, Staunton On Arrow – creation of additional access to allow separate accesses for each dwelling – Valid – (Titley & District Group Parish Council do not support this application).
• 183329 – Barleycorn, Balance Barns, Titley – proposed oak frame garage to front of dwelling with home office with roof void – Valid – (Titley & District Group Parish Council do not support this application)
• 183262 – Land adjacent to Titley Court Barns, Titley – erection of 2 new barn conversion style dwellings, including improvements to the access and demolition of existing agricultural building – Valid – (Titley & District Group Parish Council do not support this application).
• 183263 Land adjacent to Titley Court Barns, Titley- Listed Building Consent – erection of 2 new barn conversion style dwellings, including improvements to the access and demolition of existing agricultural building – Valid – (Titley & District Group Parish Council do not support this application).
• 183572 – Cedar House Farm, Roddhurst, LD1 2LH – erection of additional manure store adjacent to existing manure store – Valid (Titley & District Group Parish Council have no objections to this application)
• 183156 – Land at Wegnalls Mill, Presteigne – proposed conversion and extension of an ancillary store into a holiday let – Valid
• 183303 – Wegnalls Mill, Presteigne – application for the erection of a porch – Valid

5.2 Neighbourhood Development Plan
i) Update
A discussion regarding the NDP is noted under minute 4 iii)
Clerk to advise Steering Group when NDP Grant expires.

ii) NDP Draft Plan
The NDP draft plan which had been previously circulated to Parish Councillors,
was discussed.

It was resolved that the Parish Council APPROVES the Titley
Group Neighbourhood Development Plan 2011 – 2031 consultation draft for the
purposes of pre-submission consultation and publicity, in accordance with the
relevant regulations.
The consultation dates and drop in sessions were discussed with local residents
And noted under minute 4iii).
ii) Staunton On Arrow Residents Association
The Councillors advised the local residents to hold meeting before the drop in
session at Staunton On Arrow on Friday 14th December, to discuss the NDP
draft plan.

6. 6.1 Finance
To receive Clerk’s report and approve finances (ex VAT)
• Clerks Financial statement
The Clerk informed the Councillors the balance of the current account as at 31/10/18 – £17,055.13. The October 2018 bank statement was agreed and signed by Cllr Edwards and Bennett
The Clerk circulated an expenditure and budget sheet, which was approved.
• The following payments (Ex VAT) were AGREED and income noted:
• Clerk’s’ salary as agreed by the Parish Council (Aug/Sept/Oct) – chq no: 100954
• PAYE (July to Sept 2018) £8.60 – chq no: 100952 – paid under Clerk’s delegated powers
• P G Watts (Lengthsman) T18:06 (Sept) £382.50 – chq no: 100953 paid under Clerk’s delegated powers
• PG Watts (Lengthsman) T18:07 (Oct) £387 – chq no: 100955
• Staunton On Arrow WI (donation for defibrillator) £475- chq no: 100951 – paid under Clerk’s delegated powers
NDP Grant
• DJN Planning Ltd (Consultant) – £2,303.10 – chq no: 100956
• Precept payment £5,000 received on 19/9/18

6.2 Parish Precept 2019/20
It was unanimously agreed to set the Parish Precept for 2019/20 to £10,500
Clerk to complete and submit form.

7. Lengthsman
7.1 Matters Arising From Lengthsman Report
The comments on the lengthsman report were noted.

8. Highways
8.1 Pothole Repairs And Other Public Realm Services
The Chairman read out the comments which had been submitted by the Parish
Council, regarding the reporting and completion of pot holes and the supervision
of sub-contractors during resurfacing of roads.

8.2 Pembridge And Shobdon – Resurfacing And New White Line Design
It was noted that having the new road design after resurfacing, ie white lines
down each side of the road and not having a white line in the centre of the road,
had slowed traffic down in Pembridge and Shobdon.
8.3 Bio-Digestate Tanker Route Through Staunton On Arrow – Update
The Chairman circulated a diagram around, which showed the anaerobic
digestion cycle. It was noted that there is too much nutrient to be spread at
The Leen, therefore approximately 20% is exported through Staunton On
Arrow to Titley. (Approx 390 loads during the year). The closed period when
they are not allowed to spread is from mid October to the end of January).
During the closed period, it is stored in a lagoon at The Leen and at the end of
this period exported to be spread, which causes more loads per
day, travelling through Staunton on Arrow Village.

A discussion took place and it was agreed to write to The Leen with the
a. To ask if they could use circular routes
b. Not to use blue signed roads except for access
c. To inform the Parish Council when large amounts of tanker movements go through Staunton On Arrow Village.

It was also agreed that the Parish Council should write to Herefordshire Council Planning Department and ask that in future they look at planning applications more carefully.

8.4 Speed Limit Review – Titley
The Chairman informed the meeting that Ward Cllr Phillips and Titley Councillors had
a meeting with Balfour Beatty, Ian Connelly (Traffic – West Mercia Police), regarding
the speed review through Titley. It was noted that the police were not in favour of
reducing the speed limit to 30mph due to the surroundings, as it could cause
more overtaking through the village centre. Balfour Beatty were arranging to do a
Tapley Meter run through the Eywood junction/Stagg bends. The results from this
survey, would help decide the suitability of the deployment of maximum speed signs,
to accompany the bend warning signs.

It was agreed to accept that the speed limit would not be reduced and to request
yellow signs at the Eywood junction, together with maximum speed recommendation

9. Parish Reports Or Issues
9.1 Kington Library
There was no update.
9.2 Kington Court/Community Health And Care Services – Update
Ward Cllr Phillips gave an update. It was noted that the Minor Injuries Unit would in
the future, be moving to the Kington Medical Practice Surgery.
9.3 Milton/Manor Shoot – Update 

The Forestry Commission had sent a list of dates to local residents, which informed
them when shooting would take place in the forestry.  It had been noted that
shooting in the forestry had taken place on dates not on the list.
There were also concerns that shooting had taken place across road number 91609,
towards Wapley.

It was agreed to write to Mr A Morris (Milton/Manor Shoot) regarding shooting
across the road, stating that local police had advised anyone witnessing it again
to dial 999.

9.4 Defibrillator At Staunton On Arrow
A local resident, on behalf of the WI, thanked the Parish Council for the donation
towards the defibrillator.

10. Correspondence
There was none.

11. Date And Place Of Next Meeting
The next Parish Council meeting to take place on 8th January 2019, Titley Village Hall
at 7.30pm.

Meeting closed 10.15pm


SIGNED (Chairman) …………………………… DATE ……………


6th NOVEMBER 2018

Councillors In Attendance: Cllr Edwards, Cllr Mitchell and Cllr Bennett

At the NDP Drop In Session held on Friday 14th December 2018 at Staunton On Arrow Village Hall, the following cheques listed in this addendum were signed. Cheque Nos: 100958 and 100959 were signed outside the meeting, due to the current phase of the NDP Grant closing on 31st December 2018.

Cheque 100958 Orphans Printing Press (NDP) £147.60
Cheque 100959 Orphans Printing Press (NDP) £1028.00

Cheque 100960 Mr P Watts (Lengthsman) £265.50


SIGNED (Chairman) …………………………………………………… DATE ………………….